Reflecting On Jim’s Murder and the Abortion Double Standard

A New Jersey blogger George Berkin has hit the nail on the head in his post “Abortion Double Standard.”

Silence From Nearly All Speaks Volumes

Let me read you portions of what he wrote:

A well-known pro-life protester was shot to death over the weekend by a man “offended” by the protester’s exercise of free speech, and the response from abortion rights leaders is telling.

The tepid response and seeming lack of genuine outrage over the murder of this good man speaks volumes about the double standard and hypocrisy of so-called “pro-choice” advocates.

Likewise, much of the “major” media, which shouts when an abortion doctor is killed, was strangely quiet when this pro-lifer was murdered. The story was either not covered at all, or tucked safely away far inside the paper.

Pro-Aborts Try To Claim It’s Not About Abortion

Commenting on the murderer’s motive, Berkin writes:

check out this stunner by an adult, who should know better. Interviewed by The New York Times, Laura MacCleery, a spokeswoman for the Center for Reproductive Rights, said, . . . “Friday’s shooting did not seem to her to be tied to the abortion debate since the suspect was also charged in the shooting of a second man . . . who did not appear to be involved in the abortion issue. “

In other words, somebody who kills an anti-abortion protester because he’s “offended” by the man’s anti-abortion activities can’t be tagged as a pro-abortion killer if he takes the trouble to kill another man for another reason around the same time.

When an abortion provider is killed, pro-choice advocates are quick to try to tie him to pro-lifers as a whole – no matter how deranged the gunman may be.

Why? It seems that those who support abortion rights are very anxious to convince themselves and others that there is a “moral equivalence” between the pro-life and pro-choice sides of the argument.

The argument by abortion advocates goes something like this: The anti-abortion crowd cannot claim to have the moral high ground because, after all, anti-abortion fanatics often shoot physicians and other medical personnel who provide abortion services.

But that attempt to provide a moral equivalence between the two sides is nonsense.

While it is obviously wrong when any person is murdered, there is a huge gulf between the handful of abortion providers killed and the more than 45 million unborn children (or see here) killed since Roe v. Wade.

[But…] As Stalin famously said in another context, one death is a tragedy, but a million deaths is merely a statistic. …So let’s be fair. If you pro-choice folks will agree that Tiller’s killer is not representative of pro-lifers, we pro-life folks will agree that Pouillon’s killer is not representative of pro-choicers.

And after both sides’ “trump cards” are taken off the table, all that is left in the moral debate is 45 million unborn children dead.

Also, a big thank you to Arlene Sawicki for her letter in Tuesday’s Daily Herald: “Where’s the Outrage?” which expressed many of these same sentiments of Berkin’s blog post I read earlier.

Pray For Both Men

David Forsmark’s NewsReal Sunday blog presented a particularly negative account of the incident (if you’re a pro-life person judging his account, that is). One point he does bring up is that, in focusing on the murder of Jim, we have forgotten to pray for Mike Fuoss, who was also murdered that day. So I ask you to be sure to pray for Jim, Mike, and the souls of all the faithful departed. May they rest in peace.

PP Brings Abortion To Naples

Planned Parenthood of Naples performed its first two abortions yesterday. The League’s Eric Scheidler has posted some pictures and video of the event on his Facebook page. If you belong to Facebook, become one of his 1,000 plus friends!

Though they claimed the demand for abortions there is high and is a serious “need,” only 2 of the 11 women scheduled for abortions went through with them this week. Several women, seeing the pro-lifers outside, pulled into the parking lot and then pulled out again a few minutes later. Others simply drove right past.

We pray they will seek help at a Pregnancy Resource Center, and that they won’t just reschedule. But, with the energy of the Naples Pro-Life organizations and the students of the nearby Ave Maria University, hopefully every Monday they show up for the abortion, they will turn away and seek a life-affirming alternative instead.

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