Selective Censorship of Abortion Pictures

In the wake of abortionist George Tiller’s murder May 31, some pro-life leaders have received death threats. And, on Friday, June 26, Operation Rescue’s office in Wichita, Kansas was attacked by an assailant who tried to disable their building’s security system.

Operation Rescue Office Attacked

OR reports:

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman heard noise outside his office and observed the assailant through the security cameras attempting to gain access to the roof. Newman rushed outside and confronted the man, who then tried to punch Newman. When that failed, he flung his bicycle at Newman then fled the scene.

One security camera was stolen causing an estimated $1,000 in damage. No one was hurt in the fracas.

Police were called and a report was filed, but the suspect is still at large.

Ironically, at the time of the attack Newman was on the telephone giving an interview to a reporter from the Washington Times about the increase in threats against Operation Rescue staff members in the wake of the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller.

“In light of the recent events, the targeting of our security system is troubling. We can’t help but think that if this attack happened to an abortion clinic, there would be federal marshals patrolling and investigating. The police seemed apathetic. It’s almost as if pro-lifers are second-class citizens,” said Newman.

“We are just thankful that no one was injured and that the attacker was interrupted before he could do more damage. We will be increasing our security precautions as a result of this incident. We have a very dedicated staff, and no amount of intimidation will deter us from our work.”

Nixon Supported Abortions of Mixed-Race Children

More than 150 hours of tape recordings and 30,000 pages of documents from the Nixon White House were released by The Nixon Presidential Library on June 24. Some of the conversations therein reveal that Nixon believed abortion was “necessary”, such as in the case of rape, or “when you have a black and a white”.

As the Susan B. Anthony List blog pointed out, this discovery “holds significant weight for the pro-life cause because it re-emphasizes the foundations of the reasoning behind abortion clinics- population control and race control.”

Nixon’s remarks are self-evidently despicable, as many pro-lifers have pointed out. But the Big Three pro-abortion organizations (NARAL, NOW, and Planned Parenthood) have collectively said nothing in response.

And neither has President Obama.

Selective Censorship of Abortion Pictures

On her blog, Jill Stanek addresses a topic many pro-lifers have noticed for some time: the fact that the mainstream media have no problem showing certain graphic images, but those of aborted babies are censored.

After the UCLA student group Live Action posting an undercover video on YouTube in which a Planned Parenthood employee in Arizona claims that images of aborted babies are “not real”, YouTube removed it with no explanation.

In response, Live Action president Lila Rose — who, incidentally, will be speaking at next year’s SpeakOut Illinois and TeenSpeak conferences — rightly noted that the group’s video, which contains graphic abortion images, does not violate YouTube’s guidelines.

Live Action also pointed out that numerous other medical procedure videos were far more graphic, including several of autopsies.

Live Action is asking pro-lifers to call YouTube and ask them why the LiveActionFilms video was removed on June 24th. Call them at 650-253-0000.

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