Reflections on the Murder of Abortionist Tiller

It is hard to put the murder of abortionist George Tiller far from one’s mind if you’re a pro-life activist. Thankfully it has been bumped off the front page of the news—though unfortunately by tragedies. There are a number of stories and perspectives on this story that I’ve come across, so I’ve picked a few to share briefly with you.

Be Wise And Innocent

First, Christina Dunigan writes a blog called Real Choice. I really liked the angle from which she approached the situation. She reminds us that while the Bible does order us to “rescue those who are being led to slaughter,” Christ told us to “be as wise as serpents, and innocent as doves.”

She argues that Roeder, and others who resort to violence, are not wise because Tiller will now be remembered as a martyr for his cause—and others, like James Pendergraft of Florida will simply fill his shoes. Moreover, the backlash against the pro-life movement will harden people’s hearts—most importantly, it will make women close their ears to the offers of help from sidewalk counselors. More babies will die because of this man’s actions.

She also argues that the murderer is not innocent. She says if one justifies their action using biblical examples of God’s judgment, they are forgetting that God gave very specific instructions about who should be killed. And because Tiller did not repent before leaving this earth, the Devil may very well have gotten his soul—and God desires that no soul ever be lost to Hell.

Redefining Extremism

Secondly, there is a frightening piece in the US News online blog by Bonnie Erbe. The post is titled “Tiller Murder Is Terrorism, and All Pro-Life Extremists Are to Blame,” though she goes on to explain, “I am careful to note I am referring here to EXTREMIST pro-life advocates, people who refer to abortion as “baby-killing” and other inflammatory rhetoric.”

“Baby-killing” is her example of inflammatory rhetoric that makes us terrorists???

Then, she quotes Randy Terry’s press release which states, “we still must call abortion by its proper name: murder.” She writes, “This type of speech ought to be against the law and anyone who issues it ought to be prosecuted as an accessory to murder, as well as for partaking in domestic terrorism. What, after all, is the difference between Terry’s statement and releases issued by the Taliban calling on Muslims to kill westerners? None!”

It truly frightens me that she thinks stating that abortion is murder is exactly the same as calling on Muslims to commit murder.

Prayers Needed for the Pro-Life Movement

It may take decades to undo the stain of the pro-life movement done by a man who may be insane and who was not even a part of the pro-life movement. Please pray for our work, as we continue to peacefully share the Pro-Life message. I promise to pray for you as you do the same.

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