Sotomayor The Mysterious

Much is being written and spoken about President Barack Obama’s mysterious selection to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter, Judge Sonia Sotomayor of New York.

Who is Sonia Sotomayor?

Everyone in the world knows by now that she is a Latina from Puerto Rico and the projects of New York. Her Father died when she was nine, and she is diabetic, attended Catholic grade school with her brother who is now a doctor, attended Princeton and Yale.

Despite involvement in some 400 cases researchers can’t find much of a paper trail on abortion except for three instances: when she basically ruled in favor of pro-life by deciding that the Mexico City Policy cutting off funds for foreign abortions is ok with the Constitution, police were too brutal to pro-life protestors and can be sued, and a Chinese woman could take sanctuary in the U. S. to have her baby and avoid being sterilized if she returned home.

These discoveries have angered some pro-aborts who are also furious with Obama for not having asked her stand on Roe v. Wade before nominating her for the high court. Pro-lifers and other conservatives on the other hand are not happy with her because she is too liberal and suggests that the courts are in place to make laws, even though she says that is not her position.

What it all comes down to after initial research is that nobody seems to know much about Sonia.

Prayers For Sotomayor And Obama

As I suggested on Facebook I’m just going to pray over this one, that is-that she won’t be as bad as we fear, that Obama really doesn’t know her abortion stand, that her Catholic education had some positive influence on her and that as the sixth Catholic on the High court, if confirmed, at least four of the other five will have a good influence on her when it comes to the life issues.

After all, one million rosaries are being said for President Obama and his decisions and one million rosaries are quite a storming of Heaven. And besides, hanging somewhere in the White House now, like a miraculous medal, is a document from Notre Dame, his first doctorate as president, that reads “Vita, Dulcedo et Spes,”-“Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope.”

It was given to him undeservedly by the arrogant President of Notre Dame, but it’s there somewhere among Obama’s things, and it is a powerful prayer to the Lady on the Dome and the Queen who sits next to her Son in Heaven. It is a powerful prayer.

A Lot Of Good Is Going On Too

Besides, I’m sick of always looking for the worst in every situation. All though the history of the human race rotten kings and despots and unscrupulous leaders have been used by God to bring good into the world. Joseph’s evil brothers sold him to a caravan and he ended up saving his country and even his hateful brothers from starvation as the Pharos’s right hand man. The three young men were thrown in a fiery furnace for disobeying the King and ended up converting the kingdom. Daniel was thrown to the lions and ended up converting his persecutor-and on and on.

Maybe out of the horror of having Obama as President the pro-life movement will come alive, he will make some mistakes that actually help our cause of life. May be Sonya is a mistake Obama will regret.

I don’t know enough to make a judgment and for some reason I don’t feel qualified to say much about this selection, yet, so I’m just going to pray about it, and all through Obama’s tenure I think pro-lifers should look for opportunities to turn Obama’s lemons into lemonade, Democrats’ sour grapes into good wine, and adversity into challenges to promote the pro life movement everywhere I can.

After all, even the major polls like Gallup are saying the country is turning around from a 56 to 33 support for abortion in 1995 to a 51 to 42 pro-life margin over pro-aborts in 2009.

While many horrible things are going on in our country and around the world with our kids getting corrupted in their schools, the internet loaded with trash and lots of people busily digging their own graves in hell, a whole lot of good is going on, too. The bishops are getting stronger, laymen are getting feistier, the Christian church is growing and many of our young people are learning the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Lots of good things are happening in the Church. The younger clergy are great and some of the grouchy old morality-innovators are retiring.

Maybe Sonia IS rotten – we’ll soon find out – but at least she isn’t Diane Wood, and that is a blessing in itself.

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