40 Pro-Lifers Picket NARAL Luncheon

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Pro-Lifers Confront NARAL

Forty pro-life activists showed up on Thursday morning to picket the National Abortion Rights Action League gala luncheon at the Swissotel, and held graphic pictures of aborted babies and red and white stop signs demanding “Stop Abortion Now.” Taxis, limos, convertibles all packed with NARAL lovers had to look at our signs representing what they support-dead babies-as they were dropped off at their party.

Possibly the most effective part of our program was a group of activists holding the stop signs who would line up with signs high, middle and low in a massive cluster next to the entrance, whenever a car pulled into the hotel. They made a very impressive picture of unity and strength. You can see some pictures of the protest here.

NARAL’s Literature Has A Page On Joe Scheidler And The League

We picked up programs and guidelines from NARAL’s table inside the hotel, and have carefully studied their booklet called “People, Politics and Policy” which even has a nice tribute to the work of the League when it says, “In 2006, Joseph Scheidler, whose name is synonymous with anti-choice blockades and violence at reproductive-health-care clinics, hosted 180 activists at a conference titled, ‘Contraception is Not the Answer.’ As Scheidler told the Chicago Tribune, ‘We’ve been trained to steer clear of discussing contraception, as if it were a distraction. I’m tired of this ‘Don’t get off the subject’ mentality. Contraception IS the subject.’ Scheidler and his cronies are out of sync with the mainstream once again.”

The chapter does show a photograph of three women holding the Pill Kills signs, but announces that 88 percent of Catholics and 85 percent of born again Christians agree that people should have more access to information about birth control options. They got the first part right-we did hold an anti-contraception conference-but we hope their statistics on Christians’ support for contraception information are wrong.

Their booklet deals with the Prevention First bill, advises members how to be pro-active, the importance of federal and state elections, and has a chapter on a call to action entitled, “Moving Forward.”

They also provided a book, “Who Decides,” which gives grades to the all fifty states for their support or non- support through state laws, of “reproductive rights.” Illinois gets a high grade of B-minus. The highest grade, an A+, goes to California and the state of Washington, while lots of F’s go to many of the southern and western states. Some A’s also go to Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland and Oregon.

These items are available to peruse at our office in Chicago.

Tribute To Mothers

Sunday is Mothers’ Day. While I was fortunate to have had the best mother in recent history, I have known many mothers who came in a close second, such as my wife and daughters, nieces and cousins, wonderful pro-life friends, etc., and I have concluded that there is nothing in the world quite as magnificent as a mother. So much has been said and written and sung about how wonderful Mothers are that I am at a total loss to add anything except to point out that Motherhood was one of the best ideas God ever had, and God has nothing but great ideas. So to all the mothers in the world, God bless you abundantly this Mothers Day.

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