Billboards Protesting ND To Debut Next Week

The League has purchased two large billboards on the Indiana Toll Road, US 80/90, one facing traffic from Chicago and points west, and the other facing the traffic coming from Ohio and the East.

Billboard Text

Each billboard pictures the head and shoulders of a baby in utero, sucking his thumb, with the text: “Notre Dame: Obama is pro-abortion. How dare you honor him.” The predominant colors are blue and gold. We have rented the two billboards for 30 days each, and the displays are scheduled to go up on Monday, April 27. Look for them if you are driving the Indiana Toll Road in the next month.

The Notre Dame commencement is Sunday, May 17, and these billboards will be seen by thousands of motorists, and hopefully many of the families coming to Notre Dame for the graduation exercises.

Bishops Continue To Decry Notre Dame

Meanwhile, more than thirty Catholic Bishops have now written Fr. John Jenkins, CSC, President of Notre Dame, urging him to cancel Obama’s talk and assuring him that his invitation to Obama was a very bad decision. One of the most colorful letters is from Lincoln, Nebraska’s tough Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz. He writes:

Permit me to add my name…to the long list of Bishops of the Catholic Church who are utterly appalled at your dedication to immorality and wrongdoing, represented by your support for the obscenity called ‘the … Monologues’ and your absolute indifference to the murderous abortion program and beliefs of this President of the United States. The fact that you have some sort of past connection with the State of Nebraska makes it all the more painful that the Catholic people here have to see your betrayal of the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. I can assure you of my prayers for your conversion, and for the conversion of your formerly Catholic University.

Wow! How would you like to get a letter like that from a Prince of the Church!? Rumor has it that Fr. Jenkins and a member of the Notre Dame Committee from Chicago worked very hard to convince the Obama team to schedule him for the Notre Dame talk. A reliable source inside the Golden Dome says Obama’s staff was not dying for Obama to accept the invitation to speak at Notre Dame.

But in a pragmatic way we’re glad he did, because this Notre Dame booboo is helping pro-lifers make the direct and irrefutable connection between Obama and legal abortion, a connection that in the long run is not going to do Obama any good, but could be his undoing. The public is learning more and more about abortion every day, and the more they learn the less they like it. We believe it will eventually settle on Obama like a dark cloud.

The Billboard People Loses Money But Keeps Their Principles

Good and faithful Mary Ann Kuharski, head of the Billboard People in Minneapolis, found out that the hotel where they were holding their annual banquet provides pay-per-view pornography and contributes to Planned Parenthood. They cancelled their party there, but lost $3,000 in cancellation fees.

But they’re still holding their bash as planned on May 6, except that now it is being held in the St. Joseph Hall in St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in New Brighton, MN. It’s their 20th anniversary. We pray that they’ll recover their $3,000 and add ten times that much if not more.

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