Bill Clinton Doesn’t Know What An Embryo Is-Yikes!

Here’s some truly disturbing news for you. This comes from a CNN interview with former president Bill Clinton.

Clinton Thinks Embryos Haven’t Been Fertilized Yet

On the issue of embryonic stem cell research, Clinton thinks committees drafting the rules on research on embryos “needs to make it clear that they’re not going to fool with any embryos where there’s any possibility, even if it’s somewhat remote, that they could become fertilized and could become human beings.”

Where do I begin! First, why are scientists “fooling” with embryos-shouldn’t they be doing important research? Then, I wonder if you were to fertilize an embryo-which by definition had to have been fertilized or it wouldn’t have developed into an embryo-would it then have two sets of DNA? Or, more importantly, what is an embryo, if it’s not a human being? Doesn’t the value of embryonic stem cell “research” lie in the fact that these are special human cells that can become any other type of human cell?

Now, come to think of it, I suppose if you re-fertilized an embryo, it would then have 92 chromosomes instead of 46. A Google quick search on this issue, and the US National Library of Medicine tells me this would be “not compatible with life.” So I guess if Bill Clinton refertilizes the existing embryos, at least we won’t have to fear them becoming “human beings.” Jeez.

Beware Of HB-2354, Illinois FOCA

The so-called “Reproductive Health and Access Act,” RHAA, has passed out of committee and into the Illinois House of Representatives. This terrifying bill would mandate taxpayer funded abortions, would force comprehensive sex education on children, and would overturn any and all laws currently regulating abortion in the state-such as a requirement that only physicians perform abortions and the Parental Notification Law, which attorneys expect the courts will uphold in the very near future.

This disgusting bill has been dubbed the “Illinois FOCA.” If you haven’t contacted your representative about this bill yet, please do so. If you have called, follow up with a letter or email. The League will be coordinating efforts against this bill with pro-life leaders across the state. If you have email, sign up for our updates so you can get the latest news on this effort.

Rest in Peace, Ann Petta

Veteran pro-life activist Ann Petta was laid to rest Thursday in Elgin. She was 82 years old.

Born Ann Stull, she and her longtime friend Frank Petta were married seven years ago, after knowing each other more than fifty years. Frank preceded Ann in death just over one year ago.

Decades ago, Ann and Frank had been active in Friendship House, a Catholic social movement working for interracial justice. It was here that they came to personally know Venerable Catherine Doherty.

Ann often talked about how logical of a step it was for them to go from being active in the civil rights movement to being involved in the pro-life movement. She was most active in Pro-Life/Pro-Family Coalition and the Hyde Park-Kenwood Pro-Life Association.

Ann was one of the kindest people you could have meet, and she is greatly missed.

May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

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