Success at Protest of Planned Parenthood

More than fifty stalwart pro-lifers joined the League Friday night to protest Planned Parenthood’s “Freedom Friday” benefit banquet at the Ritz Carlton, Water Tower Place in downtown Chicago.

Planned Parenthood Couldn’t Avoid Our Signs

We held graphic pictures of abortion and a large banner that said “Planned Parenthood Kills Babies” in white letters on a black surface, while the two o’s in “Parenthood” were skulls. Our fifty protestors were all around the block with their signs and banners and it was not possible for anyone attending the event to miss the message. We naturally received the usual nasty remarks and negative comments. One man seemed to agree that Planned Parenthood does kill babies as he suggested that they should kill us, too.

Planned Parenthood’s guests were celebrating 36 years of Roe v. Wade with this gala fundraiser. The police and hotel personnel were obviously not happy with our presence, but they did not seriously interfere with our mission. One scary man did try to interfere with our handing out literature and stayed after the event to argue with us for taking his picture. He said he was a lawyer and would sue us. We’re not holding our breath.

All in all it was a good night and I personally found it invigorating to be out on the sidewalks of Chicago on a relatively nice evening standing up for the helpless unborn, championing their right to life. If you weren’t there, plan to join us next time.

Obama Executive Order Will Destroy Human Lives

President Barack Obama is getting deeper and deeper into his growing heap of guilt piled on by his support of abortion on demand. Rumor has it that he will strike down President George Bush’s 2001 ban on the use of live human beings for experiments. He is rescinding the Bush restrictions on the use of federal funds for human embryonic stem-cell research. Hundreds of millions of our tax dollars will now go into use of live embryonic-human stem cells.

A story in Saturday’s Chicago Tribune says Obama is fulfilling one of his campaign pledges through this executive order and that the signing is expected to take place during a White House event intended to highlight the importance of “sound science” in government policy-making. The official who released the news did not want his name used. Obama will ask the Department of Health and Human Services to work out the particulars.

Obama and his advisors are apparently unaware that all the successes in this science have come from non-destructive use of cells, and that use of embryonic stem cells has proven ineffective or even disastrous to the patient.

Obama is also expected to do away with the recent conscience clause for doctors and other health givers which exempted them from having to be involved in abortion or use of abortifacients.

As we say, Obama is getting deeper and deeper into guilt by abandoning the unborn child and penalizing those with consciences who are standing by their solemn oath “to do no harm.”

Get Your Free Copy

The Pro-Life Action League has distributed its first 10,000 free booklets entitled, “Sharing the Pro-Life Message,” and have on order 30,000 more which should be ready early in the week. Be sure to get your free copy by calling the League at 773-777 2900 or drop us a card at 6160 N. Cicero Ave., Chicago 60646.

Reports of victories won through use of this informative little pocket-size book are pouring in-please share yours with us!

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