Dr. Cass On Obama’s Claim To Be A Christian

I just got a study by Dr. Gary Cass, president and CEO of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission who says the lies of the enemy cannot be left unanswered and that it is up to us to redeem the times. I don’t know much about Dr. Cass or his organization, to my own embarrassment, but I do know that I rather like his style, and I especially like his overall comprehensive assessment of our new President who claims to be a Christian.

Questioning Obama’s Christian Credentials

What I am presenting here is a summary of Dr. Cass’ study which he published before the election, and which apparently got too little attention. Cass says:

l. Obama admits that he has been influenced by Islam, Eastern religions and his father’s agnosticism.

2. Obama says he believes that there are “many paths” to the “same place,” despite Christ’s clear profession that He alone is “the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

3. Obama claims that everyone knows the same God: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Animists, you name it.

4. Obama says his mother mostly trained him and she was a Christian. Her friends, however, called her “an avowed atheist.”

5. Obama says his grandparents, whom he lived with, were Universalists. Enough said.

6. While Obama did go to a Catholic school for a while, he attended prayers at a mosque.

7. Obama says he’s uncomfortable saying he has “a monopoly on the truth,” despite Christ’s clear statement, that “I am the … Truth.”

8. Obama loved the Islamic evening prayer, and could say it by heart, “Allah is supreme…there is no god but Allah …Mohammad is his prophet.”

9. Obama promotes much of the homosexual agenda, and his promotion of homosexual unions can be justified by simply throwing aside significant verses of the Bible that condemn sodomy.

10. Obama attended an anti-white, anti-Semitic, anti-American church for 20 years.

11 through 15. Some of Obama’s influential friends are Communists, one is Luis Farrakhan of The Nation of Islam, his half-brother is a militant Muslim, William Ayers is former terrorist and bomber, Raila Odinga promotes Sharia law.

16. Is in the “not so serious department” is Obama’s dependence on carrying a “monkey god” charm for “good luck.”

Whatever you may think of Dr. Cass’s litany of Obama’s beliefs, practices and acquaintances, you have to wonder just how deep Obama’s faith in Christianity actually is. While I’m not that worried about Obama carrying a Hindu monkey charm, I am worried about a man who can say at a National Prayer Breakfast that we do not worship a God who accepts the destruction of innocent human beings, but then fails to see how that translates into our-and his-responsibility to defend the innocent unborn, instead of promoting laws that destroy them. That’s my addition to Dr. Cass’ list.

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10,000 Copies Of Handbook Have Been Sent

Well, the Pro-Life Action League has sent out it’s ten-thousandth free copy of Sharing the Pro-Life Message, our little 96 -page booklet composed and designed by my son, Eric, in his spare time. The booklet is pocket-size and comprehensive. If you have your copy, be sure to use it. And if you have any questions or suggestions, give them to us since we will keep printing new editions and will be happy to include corrections as we come across them. Our next run will be for twenty-thousand.

This little book is very comprehensive, answering question on life in the womb, all about how abortions are done, answering pro-abortion lies, treating of the law surrounding abortion and the legality of pro-life activities to stop abortion, a whole chapter on Public Enemy No. l, Planned Parenthood, and how to get a pregnant woman help. As they say about many things much less important than this book, Sharing the Pro-Life Message, “You can’t get along without it.”

And it’s free.

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