Despite Multiple Deaths, Quindlen Praises RU 486

Please remember in your prayers two great pro-life activists who died in the last week: John Hank of Park Ridge, IL and John Krings of Milwaukee, WI. Both of these valiant men dedicated much time and effort through the years fighting the terrible evil of abortion.

Rest In Peace

They were personal friends and both will be greatly missed. John Krings is featured prominently in our video, “Face the Truth,” assessing the value of this program. I told him he deserved an Academy Award.

Quindlen Praises Abortion Pill

In a disgusting article on RU-486, Anna Quindlen writes under headline, Abortions becoming easier to swallow, how the abortion pill helps keep abortion private. Quindlen dodges as best she can any reference to the horror a woman aborting her child chemically experiences when she has to deliver the dead baby herself. She says simply that the woman is required to “take charge of the process, choosing to deal at home with the results.” The results are featured in a recent film, 22 Weeks, in which the woman seeing her whole, live baby goes into hysterics.

Quindlen assures us that in the name of reclaiming privacy and avoiding sidewalk counselors and pro-life clinic demonstrations, women are turning once again to the French Abortion Pill even though they are aware that several women have died from this powerful drug.

Quindlen’s description of pro-life vigils might scare anyone into taking a lethal pill, as clinics are “assailed by those armed with picket signs and sometimes guns.” She says stark fear of protesters has even driven physicians away from doing abortions, thus-just take an abortion pill.

Quindlen says the pill, or actually two pills-one of which blocks hormones supporting the pregnancy and one that brings on contractions-now accounts for 14% of abortions nationwide, that half of the women early enough in their pregnancy for RU 486 to work, opt for this method.

Quindlen says women who want an abortion because of lack of money, no support, their youth or other such are determined to get an abortion and that RU 486 is better than the alternatives of rat poison, Lysol, ergot or bleach. Quindlen tries to make her not so subtle endorsement of RU 486 seem almost quaint: “A glass of water, some pills, a decision that may be pragmatic or painful or both but is, above all, personal. Never has the word “choice” been so clear.”

Sure enough, Anna, just so long as you can convince yourself that murdering a baby is a valid choice. How do people like Anna Quindlen get that way?

Florida Abortionist On Trial For Throwing Baby On Roof

Then there’s the abortionist down in Florida who ordered a 23 week old baby girl who had been aborted alive in his clinic, to be thrown on the roof so police, who had been called to his mill, couldn’t find it-at least not until two weeks later when the body was badly decomposed. An autopsy showed that she had breathed air before dying.

Lawyers from Chicago’s Thomas More Society are handling the case brought by Sycloria Williams, who saw her still-breathing baby scooped up by a clinic worker and put into in a biomedical waste bag. It was the late-arriving Doctor who ordered it thrown on the roof to avoid detection.

Even a member of NOW was disturbed over this story. More on the lawsuit later.

Watch Out For Piecemeal FOCA

A story in Friday’s Chicago Tribune’s Jim Oliphant says it’s unlikely that FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act, will be handed to the Congress very soon despite Barack Obama’s pledge to Planned Parenthood. Obama has too much on his plate and wouldn’t want to alienate half the country right off by a sweeping away 588 state and local laws restricting abortion. The author believes parts of FOCA will be introduced piecemeal.

Besides, Oliphant points out, there are still some conservative, anti-abortion Democrats who might not buy a return to abortion-on-demand with no restrictions. Read the article here.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day Saturday.

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