R.I.P., Eluana Englaro

Eluana Englaro, Italy’s Terri Schiavo, died on Monday after being starved to death for only four days. Other deaths by starvation, like Terri’s death, are typically drawn out over two weeks, so many are questioning why she died so quickly. Was she being deprived of fluids before the official starvation began? Or did her body simply give out?

Eluana was in what they call a “minimally conscious state” after a skiing accident in 1998. Wesley J. Smith, of an American bioethics watchdog group, said Eluana’s father—the one who was pushing for the euthanasia—told the courts “she did not want to be maintained in such a condition.” He goes on to question whether casual statements made without any knowledge should really given the force of law. Death by starvation is horrible, painful, and slow. It’s one of the methods Hitler used in his concentration camps. That ought to be reason enough to ban it.

Eluana’s death should remind us all to tell our loved ones just what we believe should be done if we ever lose our ability to speak for ourselves. Be sure to specify that food and water are NOT extraordinary care and should be removed under no circumstances.

I know my father knows how I feel about this issue and I will not end up like Eluana, murdered by order of her father. But do your next of kin? The National Right to Life Committee has a downloadable “Will to Live” on their website. Unlike a “Living Will,” which does not prevent active euthanasia, the Will To Live contains a section called “An Active Presumption for Life”—which helps protect you in hospital settings.

Planned Parenthood’s “Community Forum”

Planned Parenthood of Illinois will be hosting a “Community Forum” on Wednesday, February 11. Now, they’re calling it a community forum, but it smacks of police state to me. Anyone wanting to attend must email them at volunteers at ppil dot org AND bring an ID to be allowed to enter! While obviously that will keep the League staff and a number of well known activists out, we all know there will be pro-life spies in attendance. I guess hope springs eternal.

We hope that many of you will join those of us who are not allowed to be part of the community outside the forum, which will be taking place at 555 S. Eola Road in Aurora (map). Wouldn’t it be great if there were more of us outside than there were people inside?

By the way, their going to be discussing Illinois’ version of the Freedom of Choice Act—and by now we’ve all heard how evil that bill would be. Join us to show the pro-aborts that, as always, they’re in the minority.

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