March For Life And Tell Obama He’s Wrong On Abortion

Roe v. Wade is the infamous, diabolical Supreme Court ruling that has already resulted in the murders of some 50,000,000 American children. While it is a day of celebration for the baby killers, it is a day of mourning and commemoration for pro-lifers.

March Will Show Obama How Strong We Are

Much of the League staff will be in Washington DC Thursday for the March for Life. Coming just two days after the Inauguration of Barack Obama, who is poised to become the most pro-abortion president ever elected, Thursday’s March will be a huge showing of pro-life strength. It will give Obama a peek at the size, youthfulness and enthusiasm of his opposition.

A Letter To President Obama

Obama, along with all the hoopla, is currently being flooded with congratulatory letters, e-mails and phone calls, but at the same time, he is also getting lots of post cards, letters and e-mails telling him to lay off his oft-repeated pledge to make abortion the law of the land. As we know, Obama told Planned Parenthood he would sign the satanic Freedom of Choice Act if it passes out of Congress.

He has made it clear he will support every effort to remove restrictions on abortion across the board in the military, in foreign health funds, in national health programs. And yet, in his own biography, “The Audacity of Hope,” he admits that history may prove that he was wrong in his support of abortion.

With this quote in mind, I wrote President Obama during his drive down Pennsylvania Avenue and got it in the mail immediately. I reminded him of the statement he makes in his book that history may prove him wrong for his support of abortion. I told him that history certainly will prove him wrong, and that it is critical that he start right now to carefully study the whole abortion issue, front to back, before he takes any action that he will ultimately regret, and which he can be sure will ruin his place in history.

I wished him well as president, but cautioned him not to take lightly the multitudes of Americans who still believe in justice for all, born and unborn. Obama may never even see the letter, but I feel better for having written it. Maybe you’ll feel better, too, if you haven’t already written the President: that’s l600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC, 20500.

Order Your Free Handbook

The League has just received the first 500 copies of our new handbook, “Sharing the Pro-Life Message.” This small 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch, 96 page color booklet contains seven chapters, color coded, on “How to Share the Message,” “Life in the Womb,” “Abortion Facts,” Pro-Choice Arguments,” “Questions of Law,” “Planned Parenthood,” and “Getting Help.”

One copy of this little gem packed with information will be given out free upon request. We want it to go nationwide and helps solve the problem of the massive ignorance the American people have about abortion.

How could so many Americans keep voting for abortion politicians if they had any idea what abortion is, and what it does to a society? The national Obamamania we are all experiencing is a clear sign that the vast majority of Americans don’t know what a pro-abortion President Obama has promised to be, and indeed will be, unless he has a major conversion.

Call for your copy of “Sharing the Pro-Life Message,” at 773-777-2900 or visit FreeProLifeHandbook.com.

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