Missionaries Defend The Right To Show Graphic Photos Without Permit

My sincerest apologies to loyal Action News callers, one of whom called today saying he missed our hotlines very much. Joe was out of town on Friday attending the extremely successful summit hosted by the Citizens for a Pro-Life Society in Michigan and I was busy finishing up a project and forgot to record it. I assure you, we have no plans to discontinue our hotline any time soon. But, for those of you who are web-savy, we plan to launch a blog version of the hotline in the coming weeks! As Joe Scheidler says, “onward ever, backward never!”

Marches, Marches Everywhere

So have you made your plans yet for January 22? There are marches springing up all over the place so you have plenty of opportunities to join one! Of course the largest will be the March for Life in Washington, D.C.-right on the heels of the inauguration of America’s Most Abortion President Ever. The League staff will be there, as always. Be sure to say hi when you see us!

Generations for Life co-director John Jansen will be marching with the Youth Life Alliance coalition, joining other pro-life youth ministries such as Rock for Life, Students for Life of America, and the Survivors.

Another opportunity is the Walk for Life West Coast, which takes place in San Francisco-where the weather is a bit milder. But what an opportunity to be counter cultural-pro-lifers marching in one of the most liberal cities in America! Last year about 25,000 people participated, and they’re expecting a bigger turnout this year.

Smaller opportunities to get involved include the March in Chicago at the Water Tower on Sunday the 18th after 12:30 Mass at Holy Name Cathedral. The League’s own Joe and Ann Scheidler will be speaking at the event. Contact your local Right To Life group to find out about other opportunities.

Missionaries Huge Court Win

In a terrific win for the Missionaries to the Preborn and their attorneys from the Alliance Defense Fund, an Ohio court has awarded them $25,000 in legal fees after ruling that the town of Findlay, Ohio unconstitutionally kicked the Missionaries and their graphic signs out of town.

Findlay’s ordinance was so broad that it even banned groups of joggers from running together without a permit! The court found that this was extremely burdensome to a person’s First Amendment rights of free speech and free assembly. This is another important legal decision upholding our rights, as pro-life Americans, to speak up for unborn babies. Way to go Missionaries and ADF for standing up for what is right!

Chamberlain’s Twins Are A Gift From God

Lisa Chamberlain, in Great Britain, is pregnant with twins and everyone thinks she ought to abort them. This is because Lisa’s babies are dicephalus-they share a number of organs, but their heads are separate. Lisa says that after thinking for years that she would not be able to bear children, these babies are a gift from God.

Naturally, others disagree. One “interesting” opinion is from Dr Evan Harris, a Member of Parliament from the Liberal Party and a member of the BMA medical ethics committee, who begins by saying the usual, “This is a personal decision for the woman concerned, advised by her family and fiancĂ©,” (As if this situation, which is making media headlines is very private and personal anymore…) But Davis continues, “If you are not opposed to abortion it would be correct to advise a termination because the prospects of survival are extremely bleak and the prospects for a good quality of life are even bleaker.”

Unfortunately Davis is right in that the chance of survival for these little ones is only 20%. But Chamberlain has made it clear that she and her fiancĂ©, as Roman Catholics, believe abortion is murder. She speculates that doctors are encouraging her to abort to save herself future heartache. All pro-lifers know that’s garbage. Killing your babies is in no way more merciful and less painful than letting them be born into a loving family and allowed to die with dignity according to God’s plan. Keep Lisa Chamberlain and her babies in your prayers.

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