Pro-Life Handbook Saves Babies

Often at the Pro-Life Action League, we never get to see the fruits of our labor: the abortion-bound woman who sees us praying at the abortuary and just drives on, the couple who pass by a Truth Tour and decide to choose life. But sometimes God pulls aside the curtain, and we get to see a glimpse of the miraculous.

In November, we received such a glimpse. Sidewalk counselor Carol Wright e-mailed to tell us that a fellow counselor named Kim had used the pictures in the League’s Sharing the Pro-Life Message handbook to show three different abortion-bound mothers what their babies really look like—and what would happen to them inside the abortuary. All three mothers chose life for their babies—the first known case of our handbook saving babies from abortion.

When the League’s Eric Scheidler shared this joyous news in an e-mail blast, a sidewalk counselor named Cheryl in Tucson, Arizona wrote back with a similar story. She and a fellow counselor showed the pictures to a man who had brought his girlfriend for an abortion. Though he spoke no English, he could see what abortion would do to his son or daughter. With uncertainty, he went back into the abortion clinic, but soon came back out with his girlfriend, smiling.

Since it was first introduced in January 2009, the Pro-Life Action League has distributed 40,000 copies of the pocket-sized handbook—half of them given away for free, thanks to the generosity of League supporters. Another 20,000 copies will soon be printed so this powerful pro-life tool can continue to bear fruit—both seen and unseen.

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