Why PP Series: #3: PP hurts women

A Sad GirlI have already covered the issue of PP’s cover-up of statutory rape and their assault on youth, but I also want to address the crimes PP commits against all women, not just minors. At our League office, we have a list of lawsuits against the Chicagoland Planned Parenthood clinics that our sidewalk counselors offer to women seeking abortions there. The list includes case 07L009004, in which Latanya M. sued PP for failing to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy which caused her to need her fallopian tube removed and caused a permanent disability; case 06L8071, in which Lauren L. sued PP for not requiring a medical history and thus prescribing birth control that caused her to develop a blood clot; and cases 99L4076, 93L1595, 93L6459, and 92L14559, in which women sued because their uterus was perforated during the abortion. This list is only a list for one particular PP clinic-this isn’t the only PP with a list of lawsuits against it, it just happens to be the only list I have at my fingertips. Also, Planned Parenthood disobeyed the FDA’s regulations regarding the administration of the dangerous RU-486 abortion drug. Telling women to take it vaginally at home-rather than orally and in a doctor’s office-caused the deaths of several women. Read the NPR story and the LifeNews story. Although this next paragraph is not specific to PP, it needs to be said nonetheless. Despite its legalization, women continue to be scarred, sterilized, and even killed by botched abortions. According to Life Dynamics’ Blackmun Wall, at least 347 women have died from “safe and legal” abortions. The National Abortion Federation (an abortion rights organization) admits that 2.5% of women undergoing first trimester abortions (the “safest” and most common of all abortions) face minor complications and 0.5% face serious complications (later term abortions are even less safe). With 1.29 million women having abortions yearly, this means that minimum of 38,700 women-according to the abortion industry-are injured by abortion every year; 6,450 are injured seriously. These complications (again according to the NAF) include:

blood clots…; infections…; a tear in the cervix…; perforation of the wall of the uterus and/or other organs… this may heal itself or may require surgical repair or, rarely, hysterectomy; missed abortion, which does not end the pregnancy and requires the abortion to be repeated…; incomplete abortion, in which tissue from the pregnancy remains in the uterus, and requires a repeat suction procedure…; excessive bleeding requiring a blood transfusion. These complications strike me as being more than minor problems! Abort 73 has more information about the safety of abortion on their website. And a terrific book on the “safety” of abortion is Lime 5 by Mark Crutcher. Links for more information: Johnson and Johnson, manufacturer of the Ortho Evra Patch, has settled numerous cases for millions of dollars because multiple women have died from using the Patch. Yet Planned Parenthood vice president for medical affairs, Dr. Vanessa Cullins says “We make Ortho Evra available without reservation for healthy women who are candidates for combined hormonal contraceptive methods such as the patch, the pill, and vaginal contraceptive rings. … We’re not making distinctions among this class of contraceptive methods.”-despite the documented fact that women are more likely to die on one than on another! Myth: Abortion is Safer Than Childbirth PP often uses the myth that abortion is safer than childbirth to justify their procedures. We debunk this myth at our League FAQ page. PP’s Webcam Abortions: PP’s new abortions by webcam procedure violates FDA regulations and is very bad for women physically and emotionally. In an effort to provide more abortions, despite the shrinking number of abortionists, they are cutting down on the quality of their care. Reaction of a Medical Student to PP Visit: This blogger at PuduOverload is a first year medical student. She went on some sort of job shadowing day at her local Planned Parenthood clinic. She wrote that she was “incredibly freaked out” by what she saw that day. And, after seeing a late term abortion performed on a girl “younger than [her] little sister,” the nurse took her to the back room where she saw “some things [she] can’t get out of [her] head” (presumably the tortured body of the aborted baby). Often we overlook the trauma the abortion providers face (and suppress) each and every day they do their jobs; this is just another way PP hurts women (and men). The post and blog were taken down almost immediately, probably because it’s not politically correct for a “pro-choice” med student to question what abortion really is. Fact: Women Regret Abortion Hundreds of women have stepped forward as part of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign to tell the world that they regret their abortions. They speak out about their personal experiences and their feelings. Hundreds of women have attended retreats through Rachel’s Vineyard to find post-abortion healing as well.

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