Why PP Series: #2: PP is Targeting America’s Youth

Kids in Planned Parenthood's CrosshairsAs a logical follow up to the first segment PP Shelters Child Rapists, this post covers PP attack on America’s youth-and it is yet another story of deception. Planned Parenthood spends a lot of time “educating” youth about sex, contraceptives, and abortion. This makes sense, since kids who don’t have sex don’t need PP’s “health care services” and PP won’t make any money. They push for “comprehensive sex ed” in the schools, claiming that if kids know about contraception, unwanted pregnancies will be reduced and everyone will be happy. If only this were true. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) (Planned Parenthood’s Research arm), 54% of women who have abortions were on contraceptives at the time they became pregnant. AGI also reports that 8% of couples using the Pill and 15% of couples using condoms will become pregnant each year (the numbers are higher among teens, who are more likely to be lax or inconsistent in their usage of such devices). Data from the National Center for Health Statistics show that 11.7 million women are on the Pill. That means there will be 936,000 unintended pregnancies due to failure of the Pill. While this number includes all women of childbearing age, that’s still a lot of teen pregnancies (recall that 17% of PP’s abortions are done on teens). Condoms also massively fail to prevent transmission of STDs, so despite the fact that they use condoms “most of the time,” 3.2 million teenage girls (and presumably a similar number of teenage boys) have an STD. Planned Parenthood criticizes abstinence education repeatedly (see some of the links below). But a recent study by the Heritage Foundation, found that teens who make pledges are likely to abstain from sex longer, thus decreasing their overall number of sexual partners and likelihood of having an STD. Planned Parenthood doesn’t want parents involved in the reproductive decisions of their children. PP documents repeatedly tell children things like, “There are many kinds of birth control. … All reversible methods are available without a parent’s permission.” PP’s Teenwire.com advises girls seeking abortions in states with parental notification to go straight to a judge for a judicial bypass; they don’t even tell her to consider talking to her parents about her pregnancy! Strangely, this is in opposition to the results of polls on TeenWire.com (PP’s website for teens), which indicate that almost half of teens would tell their parents if they were pregnant and that parents should be notified when a teen becomes pregnant-many, many teens believe their parents have a right and an obligation to be involved. Unfortunately those same polls show that 2 in 3 teens are not “comfortable” talking to their parents about sex and half say they’ve never spoken to their parents about sex-which is why PP has stepped in to cover the gap. I’m sure we could find a better solution than Planned Parenthood sponsored education, though! (Like, gasp, parents could start talking to their kids…) Links for more information: PP on Sex Ed Check out what Planned Parenthood thinks qualifies as a “good Sex Ed program.” They specify that the curriculum should begin in kindergarten and “include the ‘tough’ topics-masturbation, contraception, abortion, and homosexuality.” They say that parents should consider, “Does the curriculum acknowledge the broad range of sexual attitudes, values, and behaviors that exist in our pluralistic society, or does it insist on a singular approach or philosophy? Does it integrate, rather than separate in special sections, information about people who are disabled or gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender?” PP’s Guide for Teens and Families Planned Parenthood’s Guide for Teens and Families has a number of disturbing tidbits as well. * They tell teens that “We touch our sex organs for pleasure from the time we are babies. Most adults, children, and infants enjoy touching their sex organs and other parts of their bodies.” They show pictures of three naked pubescent boys and three naked pubescent girls to illustrate the fact that all bodies develop at different rates. * They tell teens that “The fetus becomes a baby at birth. A fetus doesn’t breathe or eat inside a woman’s uterus. The fetus gets nourishment and oxygen from the woman through the umbilical cord that connects to her. … Once it takes its first breath, the fetus is called a baby.” * As for abortion, it’s just a part of nature: “Fewer than half of all fertilized eggs become babies. Some do not attach to the uterus and leave the body in menstrual flow. Some implant, but their development ends in fewer than 20 weeks. These embryos and fetuses leave the body through the vagina. This is called miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. Sometimes women decide to end their pregnancies through a procedure called induced abortion. Sometimes a fetus dies after 20 weeks, sometimes just before or during birth. This is called a stillbirth.” * They educate teens on homosexuality:

“Whether people are gay, straight, or bisexual is usually established before puberty and before they begin having sex. Although sexual orientation may begin to develop before birth, it may seem to shift throughout life. It is not something that people can decide for themselves, or for others. … But sexual orientation is more complex and diverse than these simple labels [heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, questioning]. This kind of complexity and diversity is not limited to people. It occurs naturally throughout the animal kingdom. It is normal for boys and girls to have sex play with friends of either gender. People may also have sexy dreams and feelings about either gender. This does not mean a person is gay or straight or bisexual.” PP on Masturbation Answers to questions on Teenwire encourage masturbation, as does the Guide for Teens and Families–because, among other reasons, “it’s the safest sex” and it “is considered normal and healthy for people who have penises – and people who don’t!” Their Masturbation 101 Quiz (question 7) tells teens

“One of the most important ways to learn about sexuality is through masturbation. Studies show that people who have positive feelings about their bodies, sex, and masturbation are more likely to be able to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancy, and sexual abuse.” Nobody’s Fool Conference Exposed Pro-Life Waco exposed Planned Parenthood of Central Texas’ Nobody’s Fool Conference. Children (grades 5 through 9) are invited to attend this conference-but their parents are not allowed to attend. They are given copies of It’s Perfectly Normal and they play “contraception bingo.” Planned Parenthood Teens Recruiting Peers to Planned Parenthood Teens in Ohio were going to be paid to recruit their friends to go to Planned Parenthood. This is also happening in San Diego (scroll down to “Youth promotoras Program”). Observe that the San Diego program is geared towards the Latino population. Planned Parenthood of Maryland has a Peer Educator Training Course which teaches teens “all of the information necessary to be educated spokespersons. The training will focus on human sexuality, reproductive health, values and decision making, relationships, contraception, teen pregnancy, teen parenthood, communication, and presentation skills.” United Way of the Big Bend supports Planned Parenthood of North Central Florida’s Peer Education Program which “targets teen youth in Leon County, both male and female, who are willing and interested in learning leadership skills and sexual health information and to share that information with their peers.” The word “targets” is from the original text, but I find it to be an appropriate one, don’t you?

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