Wednesday Open Thread: Pre-Primary Voice

Tuesday, February 5th is voting day for Illinois primary elections. With these upcoming elections, who will we vote for, and on what basis? Here at FVFAPP, our “cause” is to rid Aurora and the Fox Valley area of Planned Parenthood and the killing of unborn children. Our “cause” is in defense of life – a.k.a. Pro-Life. Fr. Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life, says that the right to be born is a fundamental right, and without it, no other rights are meaningful. Without the right to be born, our other rights are limited to select individuals, and are not then granted to ALL persons. He also says that if a person – a politician to be specific – is wrong on the issue of life, they cannot be right on any other issue. If a politician is wrong on the issue of life, a.k.a. abortion, then how can we say that they have good judgment in any other area, if they are so wrong in such an important issue? So, what are your thoughts on the upcoming primary? Who do you support and why? There are a lot of good resources online to help you in your voting decision. Here are some good ones.

God Bless, Roger

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