Wednesday Open Thread: 3 in City Council make News

From top: Lawrence, Kifowit and BeykirchIt looks like this week is the week for Aurora City Council members to be in the news. Three of our distinguished Aldermen made headlines this week (so far). Rick Lawerence, Stephanie Kifowit and Chris Beykirch. What would you say to each of these aldermen? What would you say to YOUR alderman? (Please indicate your ward number in any comments. Ward Map) Rick Lawerence was selected by the Illinois State Crime Commission to receive the 2008 Award of Excellence in Government. Way to go Alderman Lawerence! (Our family lives in the 4th ward, so we are especially proud.) Also, the article mentions that he is “considering a run for mayor”. That would be fantastic, in our humble opinion. Rick has been a HUGE supporting of FVFAPP in our fight against PP. Stephanie Kifowit is making a run for the Mayor seat. One of her goals would be to remove the mayor’s seat in place of a city manager. How would that work? Would she put herself out of an elected / paid position and into the role of city manager who can be fired by the City Council? Lastly, at least here, Chris Beykirch, who along with Rick Lawerence and Rick Irvin spearheaded the effort to past the Parental Notification Resolution. is resigning for the city council. He has taken a job as a development coordinator for the Aurora Economic Development Commission. (Congrats on the new job, Chris.) Lawrence gets award for work from downtown to Jericho Circle (February 19, 2008) Alderman to run for Aurora mayor (February 20, 2008) Beykirch to step off council to join AEDC (February 20, 2008) God Bless, Roger

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