Two more lives saved at PP!

God is working powerfully through our Sidewalk Counselors! I just got word today of two other young mothers turning away from Planned Parenthood and choosing life. These stories come from Kristine, a regular sidewalk counselor and prayer warrior. If you’re not out on the sidewalk, stories like these ought to get you there. Sign up today, and be a part of this crucial work!

I am a counselor at PP and I would like you all to know the two miracles that have happened in the last two Saturdays. Last Saturday, February 2, a woman and her aunt were going to turn into PP and were distracted by us waving our literature. As they passed us up they saw Randy’s graphic abortion sign and started to cry, leaving an open door for us to talk and pray with them. It was the last day she could have an abortion because of how far along she was. I feel sometimes the signs are disturbing but the Lord showed me not to judge and allowed me to witness how effective the signs are. The girl’s name is Sasha please continue to pray for her.

This Sat Feb 9, a young girl and her boyfriend went to pull into PP but stopped to talk to us first. They both started to cry and the PP escorts came over and tried to tell them not to listen to us. We let the PP say what they wanted to say without interrupting them but the boyfriend told the escorts they were fine and listened to what we had to say. The couple pulled into PP parking lot and the escorts proceeded to help them into the building.

After 20 minutes of some serious spiritual warfare on the part of the counselors and the prayer warriors out there the couple left PP and pulled out of the parking lot with tears streaming down their faces and said they were keeping their baby. They thanked us and we prayed for both of them!

I just want to thank all of you who are praying it makes a HUGE difference when us counselors are out there. As we all work together in this fight may we continue to see the miracles of lives being saved! The couple’s name this week was Jackie and Jose. Please keep them in your prayers!

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