“The Voice of One Crying Out in the Desert”

We just got an update from one of the newest GFL-affiliated pro-life clubs, Students for Life at Desert Christian High School in Lancaster, California. SFL’s president, Ben Andrews, wrote to tell us:

Things are going pretty well in our club. We’ve got a Pro-Life trip to Knott’s/boycott of Grad Nite to send a message to Disney to stop funding Planned Parenthood coming up on May 10th (more info on the SFL blog). We raised almost 200 dollars at our last Bake Sale. A couple of students have shared speeches with the group (with help from the curriculum). We have a prayer and fasting at lunch event coming up this Friday, and have a couple more fundraising ideas in the works: a t-shirt contest (again from the GFL curriculum) and free art show with a box for donations. And we’re working on trying to put together a Pro-life Awareness week which would involve a program similar to the one that raises awareness for car crash fatalities. Throughout the day people are killed (or in this case) aborted. For the rest of the day they’re “dead” and remain silent and morbid looking. At the end of the day people are reunited with the dead. Since someone is aborted every 20 seconds, a person would be used to represent several people.

I especially like this last idea, as it’s a new variation on a well-known theme. Students for Life, you’re off to a great start! Our prayers are with you!

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