The Majority?

“We are the majority.” We have all heard this one on the side of abortion proponents. Regardless of the huge- and growing- amounts of people taking a stand for life, like at Saturday’s rally in Aurora, pro-lifers are constantly labeled as a “small but vocal minority.” However, with every abortion protest, or rally for life, or vote for a pro-life politician, that “small but vocal” label begins to change. For example, read Planned Parenthood Aurora’s response to Saturday’s rally. Along with their usual trashing of clinic protests, PP tried to brush off the amount of protesters. Instead of being horrified at the fact over 400 people (many of them teenagers) showed up on a cold Saturday morning at the end of the school year to protest at their clinic, PP dismissed the number claiming that the amount of clinic protesters are “dwindling.” Funny, if I was expecting a fanatical political minority to be protesting something relatively local on a cold Saturday, I wouldn’t bet on more than 50 people. But for a group of pro-lifers, 400 is apparently a given. I find all of this especially amusing because the number of volunteers PP was able to summon on Saturday to combat this “minority” was 5. Please continue to stand up for life!! People do notice!

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