Taking A Stand for Life

Some students at Anthony Wayne High School in Whitehouse, OH have made a bold move in standing up for their pro-life beliefs. A local news station reports:

They wanted to send a strong message about the sanctity of life, but some local high school students say they were punished for their beliefs…. The T-shirts read, “Abortion is homicide.” The students wore the shirts on April 21… “We were told we could take the shirts off, turn them inside out or face a two-day suspension,” says senior Kristen Norman. The students say they felt so strongly, they were willing to face the consequences until the school district began adding on more punishments… The Anthony Wayne school district tells News 11 they have no comment on the incident.

The station is currently running a poll, asking if the school made the right decision by making the students hide the pro-life message on their shirts. So far, 82% of people say no! (You can vote here, at the top of the article.) National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day is tomorrow, and surely pro-life students in some schools will face similar trouble for exercising their right to free speech. If you’re in a public school and wear a pro-life T-shirt tomorrow — or any other day, for that matter — and encounter any sort of harassment, see these tips for how to deal with the situation. [HT: Rock for Life via Jill Stanek]

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