Pro-Life Truth Tours

Show the Truth WA is a pro-life activist group centered in Olympia, Washington. Their focus is educating about abortion with graphic signs. Twice a year, Show the Truth has week-long tours during which they travel either up and down or across Washington State and hold educational demonstrations at abortion mills, colleges, and universities. You can visit Show the Truth’s website here. We have been able to join Show the Truth for all these tours, and we very much look forward to each one! Each of them has been a wonderful experience in pro-life activism, and I have learned an incredible amount from these tours! I especially enjoy going to college and university campuses. Show the Truth makes a special effort, when on these tours, to join other pro-life organizations at their local abortion mills. This kind of working together is very favorable and productive to the pro-life movement. Next week, starting on April 21 and ending on April 25, Show the Truth is going to have its spring tour across Washington State. I and my Mom and brother are going along with them, and we’re really excited about doing this again! Please specially keep us all in your prayers during this pro-life tour! Definitely front-line stuff! And I will very much encourage any of you to join this kind of tour if there are any in or near your area. God bless.

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