Planned Parenthood spies on you

Picket line at June's monthly protestLast Saturday, June 20, saw another showing of the incredible level of commitment of Aurora’s pro-life community. Over 120 pro-lifers came out to Planned Parenthood Aurora at 9 a.m. to tell the world that they will not rest till abortion is out of Aurora. Weather started out beautiful, probably the best weather we’ve seen at one of our monthly protests, but went south quickly when dark clouds showed up on the horizon. Soon sprinkles gave way to an outright downpour, drenching the activists. But even torrential rains couldn’t the dampen the spirits of the faithful protesters. They marched and prayed and sang and chanted all the way up to the scheduled end time of 10:30 a.m. cameras being installed at PP Was it coincidence, then, that two days after tenth huge monthly protest at Planned Parenthood, they’ve once again beefed up their security in an attempt to harass and intimidate pro-lifers, especially our stalwart sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors. These huge ugly cameras are pointed directly at where our sidewalk counselors stand and are clearly there so that they can gather evidence to prosecute anyone who so much as looks at their property. Planned Parenthood exhibits such an odd fear of the grandmothers and teenagers, dads on their lunch break and moms with their young children who give up their time to offer hope to women in crisis. Why should they be afraid of this harmless, peaceful, prayerful group? The Truth. That’s the only reason why a billion dollar multi-national corporation like Planned Parenthood would ever be afraid of a group of citizens praying on the sidewalk. We have the truth they don’t want their customers to know, because when abortion-bound moms realize what’s actually happening in their wombs, Planned Parenthood loses customers. So take heart pro-lifers. When Goliath starts to get nervous, David’s doing something right.

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