Second Year of Protest at Planned Parenthood Aurora Going Strong

Pro-lifers picket Planned Parenthood Aurora

Pro-lifers picket at Planned Parenthood Aurora [Photo by Dan Wurtz]

The League’s Eric Scheidler led the thirteenth monthly protest at Planned Parenthood Aurora. Despite chilly, windy weather, over 100 pro-lifers came out to let Planned Parenthood know that their presence in Aurora was not welcome.

When Planned Parenthood opened in October of 2007, Planned Parenthood of Illinois CEO Steve Trombley predicted that the pro-life protests would soon dwindle. He was wrong.

Entering the second year of regular monthly protests, Fox Valley pro-lifers are as commited as ever to ridding their community of the blight of Planned Parenthood. Not only are hundreds willing to devote a Saturday morning each month to protesting abortion, but prayer warrios and sidewalk counselors continue to reach out to abortion-bound mothers, week after week.

Eric Scheidler leads pro-lifers in prayer

Eric Scheidler leads Aurora pro-lifers in prayer [Photo by Dan Wurtz]

At the conclusion of the protest, the Eric led the crowd in a prayer and invited them to attend upcoming pro-life events, including the upcoming sidewalk counseling seminar and next month’s Empty Manger Caroling Day.

Given the grit and dedication of the Fox Valley’s pro-life community, Planned Parenthood can expect to see pro-lifers outside their facility every day they are open and especially every third Saturday of the month until they close their doors once and for all.

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