No Question Left Behind

We got an e-mail this week from Maureen Wittmann, former moderator of the Homeschoolers 4 Life Club in Lansing, MI. She wrote to tell us about a great new blog by teens and for teens called No Question Left Behind. Originally, No Question Left Behind was supposed to be a book, but those plans fell through. So now, it’s a blog. In the introduction, Maureen — the editor of the book-turned-blog — writes:

It is my hope that the No Question Left Behind blog is a help to the many teens whose hearts are filled with questions about themselves, their friends, the world, and the Church.

What makes NQLB unique is that teens themselves not only wrote the questions, but also answers to those questions. There are some great ones, including:

A post with a new Q & A — there are over 200 in all — will appear every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so visit and visit often.

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