New video exposes Planned Parenthood’s ongoing child abuse cover-ups

Screenshot from Live Action Video's new film Live Action Video has brought us the latest in the shockingly consistent trend of videos exposing Planned Parenthood employees explicitly covering up cases of child abuse. Check out the video here. In this situation the employee of Planned Parenthood of Indiana (the same good people bringing you the abortion gift card this Christmas) were told that a 13 year old girl had become pregnant by her 31 year old boyfriend. Planned Parenthood’s response? They “didn’t hear” the boyfriend’s age, they coached the girl on how to lie about the situation, they did not report the situation (though they explicitly stated the law requiring them to), and they illegally pointed the girl to out of state centers that would perform the abortion for her. Words simply fail. This is at least the fifth video of it’s kind to surface recently. How many will it take before our local, state, and federal tax dollars stop funding this cesspool of corruption and deceit?

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