“Is This What You Mean?”

Fr. Frank Pavone at Priests for Life has a very ingenious new pro-life political project going, called, “Is This What You Mean?” The details about it can be read here. Simply put, it is an effort to challenge pro-abortion politicians on their abortion stance, describing abortion procedures to them in the words of abortionists, and then asking them, “When you say you support abortion, is this what you mean?” Such a challenge could be used in any town hall meeting that any official is holding for the public. Making it necessary for politicians to face up to what they’re supporting in such a way can be powerful! Not only does the politician have to hear and face what abortion really is, but all the other people in the room also are fully informed about what abortion does to babies. This project also serves to unmask abortion before politicians and the public. It makes abortion to no longer be merely “a choice for women”, or a vague “right” that the Supreme Court validated 35 years ago, or a “family planning choice”, or any other deceiving, sugar-coated lie. And who better know what abortion is than abortionists who perform them? Whom we will be quoting in our challenges to politicians. Fr. Frank was also talking about how this “Is This What You Mean?” project can be used in so many other areas of pro-life activism. In classrooms, debates, blogs, and editorials are just a few places where we can expose abortion to those who either support it or who are considering supporting it. Anyone who says, “I am pro-choice”, or, “I support abortion”, needs to hear what abortion really is. Like graphic signs, this project is another way of showing exactly what abortion is, but with words instead, the words of those who perform abortions. I am certainly going to be a part of this very powerful project, and I hope that you too will use this new way of defending the unborn. God bless.

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