“Important Discovery” from the Culture of Death

Sometimes, things seem to be getting stranger and stranger. I always wonder what those who promote the Culture of Death are going to come up with next. What will be their next “ingenious” attack on human life and dignity? I just read an article from Time Magazine that really was an “ingenious” attack on human life and dignity! I really can’t believe what I read sometimes. Our pro-life position seems so terribly sensible and simple compared to some of the Culture of Death “reasonings”. This article, which can be read here, is titled, “Want to Wreck the Environment? Have a Baby”. And then it goes all into how babies are the long-sought answer to studies that try to discover what ruins the environment and why food prices are going up so much. Now, I usually make it a point to not think ill of people and be charitable to them no matter how stupid their arguments seem, but this article heated me up unbelievably. The one word that came rushing to my head and tongue was, “DUH!!!”. I KNEW THE CAUSE OF INCREASED FOOD PRICES A LONG TIME AGO!! WHY, WE WERE JUST AT A NICE RESAURANT FOR MOTHER’S DAY, AND MY SIBLINGS AND I NOTICED THAT AT ANOTHER TABLE, A BIG PLATE OF BLUEBERRY PANCAKES WAS BEING TOTALLY WASTED!!! WE’RE THROWING AWAY ALL OUR FOOD! NO WONDER FOOD PRICES ARE HIGH! DUH!!! Yeah, I just about lost it on my family while telling them about that crazy article. I had to vent my heat somewhere. But of course they get a kick out of my heated disgust of such nonsense. I honestly wonder what’s the incentive for the authors of those kind of anti-life inventions. Wouldn’t it be so much easier and praiseworthy for them to start a stop-wasting-our-food campaign? Maybe they’d even get government funding for such a thing! And really, do they believe that “too many babies” is in fact the answer to increased food prices? Or do they just want to scare people into not having kids? Or were they paid millions by Planned Parenthood to invent such a “solution”? For me, that article was the last straw. The plain and bizarre ridiculousness of it was brazen, and I can’t believe that that kind of nonsense made it into Time Magazine. I guess that the media only wants a big and emotional story, true or untrue. After reading that article, one memory was very strong in my mind. I could only think of the time that I had read something somewhere that said something like, “The food in America’s garbage bins could feed the poor of all the world”. God bless.

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