Good Stuff Happening

For some time now, Planned Parenthood has been scheduled to build a new, large abortion facility in Portland, Oregon. And if I have it right, this is going to be their regional headquarters. One especially disgusting thing about this particular Planned Parenthood is that it is being built right on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, and in a heavily black neighborhood! We’re sure that they are specially trying to target poor black people. Sick!! My family and I go to church in Portland, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, so we have been keeping up on what is going on with this abortion mill. An organization was formed for the express purpose of stopping this Planned Parenthood from being built. It is under the direction of Bill Diss, and is called Precious Children of Portland. Precious Children of Portland has done a superb job at giving Planned Parenthood a tough time. They have done extensive picketing, educating, praying, and everything in between. They’ve had many of us calling the city mayor and telling him that we do not want an abortion mill in Portland, and they have put intense pressure on contractors who are going to build Planned Parenthood. And you know what, something really grand has happened as a result of all this! The main contractor who was going to build the abortion mill has just pulled out of the project! They didn’t want the bad publicity, and, — this is something that really tickles me — they had called up contractors in other states who had dealt with similar situations, and were advised against trying to stand up against it all! They were told horror stories of picketers coming to contractors’ homes! This is all sweet! One damper on this victory, though, is that this contractor who pulled out may still try to build the mill, but under a different and temporary name. However, Bill Diss and his crew will take this on also and hopefully put an end to it. Read about the contractors’ pull-out here. The main victory here is that good things are happening because pro-life people are not standing by while a death camp is being built for innocent children. It also happens that the building that is immediately next to the property that Planned Parenthood is going to occupy, is the Muslim Community Center. The Muslims of course are very pro-life, and it is our hope that they will be a great assistance to us in keeping Planned Parenthood out. I was just out there recently, helping with a pro-life demonstration, and while there I was able to talk with several of the Muslim people who use the community center. They said that they would be very interested in talking to city officials about how they do not want an abortion mill right next to their community center. More good stuff happening! It is interesting to note that many of the black people in the neighborhood strongly support our efforts to stop Planned Parenthood, while many of the white people DO NOT support us! Strange stuff! I will close this blog with a strong urge to you to very specially keep Precious Children of Portland in your prayers, and support them financially if you can. They are a very special few who are taking on a grand work, and I can’t say enough great things about them and their zeal! May we all find inspiration from them! God bless.

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