Generation Hopeful

I was up early this morning and decided to get some work done while my girls are still sleeping.  I’m a bit behind with my e-mail.  But there is a reason for everything – even getting behind sometimes. I’m sure John or someone else will write about the election, but since I’m up early, I get to put my two cents in first.  I don’t have much to say about it except that a certain e-mail struck me. I went to bed before the news broke that Obama had won and still hoping for a miracle, but pretty sure that I would wake up to the sad news.  But as I was reading through my e-mails, I came across something I should have posted about weeks ago, but found very fitting for a morning such as this. What I found, was to me, a sign of hope, in spite of all the pro-life losses last night.  This is from Jeremy Hylka, the adviser for the pro-life club at Joliet Catholic Academy in Joliet, IL.  Some of the events have come and gone.  As I said, I should have posted it earlier.  Nonetheless, check it out:

Annie – Greetings! Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to update you on our INCREDIBLE Respect Life Group at JCA. The best group we have ever had. Here are some highlights, events, etc… Joliet Catholic Academy Respect Life Group Faculty Moderator: Jeremy Hylka President: Hayley Boyer Vice-President: Ashleigh Offerman Second Vice-President: Casey Armand *At our first meeting of the year in September we had 72 people attend…three meetings since, with the last meeting being today with 82 people attending. *At the beginning of the year everyone Spiritually Adopted a baby (recite the prayer every meeting). *We have been and continue to support the Pro-Life Walk/Rally outside the Aurora Planned Parenthood on the third Saturday of every month. *We are sending a nice group to the annual March for Life Pilgrimage in Washington DC and will have a good representation from JCA. *Praying for the 40 Days of Life. *Participated in the American Life League ‘National Pro-Life Memorial T-Shirt Day’ on October 6 and had over 90 people at JCA wearing the shirts. *We will be participating in the ‘Pro-Life Silent Day of Solidarity’ www.silentday.org on October 21, wearing duct tape and ribbons in support of the babies aborted each day and go silent. *Conducted a Baby Picture Contest in early October. *Upcoming events include: Movie and Snack Afterschool with the film ‘Bella’, Talk on Darfur, Apologetics Day, Christmas Cards for Kids, Pro-life Speakers (Scheidler, Jansen, Hatfield), Nursing Home Visit, Pro-Life Novena, Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids, Baby Bottle Drive, Candle Light Vigil Prayer, DAYBREAK Food Kitchen, National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day, Baby Shower, Autism Awareness Month, Mother’s Day Roses, Flags and Display for Life on JCA grounds and more. So, as you can see, we are vibrant, strong and doing some great things with the kids we have. I can’t be any prouder of the things already accomplished during this school year, with much more planned in the upcoming months. Take care and God Bless, Jeremy

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