Over 150 Brave the Cold to Protest Planned Parenthood in Aurora

Picket line Feb 16

The League’s monthly protest at Planned Parenthood Saturday, February 16 was blessed with another great turnout. More than 130 people participated in the big picket line along the bike path on the south side of New York Street. Another two dozen gathered across the road from the abortuary to pray and offer help to abortion-bound mothers.

Picket line Feb 16

Picket line along New York St. in Aurora, Feb. 16 [Photo by EJS]

The picket line included a group from Joliet Central Catholic High School that has come out every month, and some eighth graders from St. Elizabeth Seton Grade School working on service hours for their confirmation class. Vince Jans led the picket line in chants over the bullhorn with his usual enthusiasm and charisma.

At the conclusion of the protest, Joe Scheidler offered some words of encouragement, and Eric Scheidler led the group in a final prayer, along with an exhortation to come out during the week for the ongoing clinic witness at the site.

Opposition to Planned Parenthood Remains Strong

Prayer warriors Feb 16

Prayer warriors across from Planned Parenthood, Feb. 16 [Photo by EJS]

For four months in a row, now, the League has had a great turnout for the monthly protest, despite snow and bitter cold. And with the recent filing of a zoning case, it’s clear the commitment of this community to opposing Planned Parenthood remains strong on all fronts.

See more photos of the protest here.

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