Eugenic Abortion in A Catholic Hospital

Some of the biggest news right now on Lifesitenews.com is a story about how St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in London, Ontario has been doing “induction” abortions for 20 years! The story is here. I was especially sickened at how the chief ethicist at the hospital, Fr. Michael Prieur, defended this eugenic abortion practice. He said that they weren’t actually killing the babies, but that they were just taking the babies out and letting them die. What a grand twist! Dosen’t he understand that, because the intention is to end the life of the baby, they are indeed killing the baby? Why else are they taking the baby out? Their direct intention is the end the baby’s life, to kill the baby! So they’re doing abortions. No, of course they aren’t tearing the baby to pieces, like during surgical abortions, but neither does the abortion pill do that to babies. But it is still an abortion pill. Anything that has as its direct intent the ending of an unborn baby’s life is abortion. What dosen’t he understand? And this priest is supposed to be a professor of Moral and Sacramental Theology at St. Peter’s Seminary. No wonder our poor seminarians are coming out so mixed up. Being fed these kind of snakey, twisted distortions. But something that I can’t understand is why these people want to do induction abortions so bad that they will invent whatever it takes to defend themselves, even if it isn’t true. Maybe it would just be easier to kick abortion out? What are they gaining? One of the grandest and most used of the pro-abortion movement’s arguments is that, if a baby is handicapped before it’s born, or if it is going to die right after it’s born, then abortion is permissable in order to prevent such a horrible thing to happen to the baby. I always explain to them that this does not justify the killing of an innocent person. They of course come back with the argument that, wouldn’t it be better for the baby to die than to suffer so much? And they also add that the baby will not even know that he is dying, and he will not even know that he ever existed. So it would all work out. To this, I always respond that, even though abortion would prevent suffering for the baby, and even though the baby may not really conciously know that he exists and is being killed, to do an abortion and thus kill a baby is an act that is directly opposed to the dignity of the baby as a person. Forget the claim that the baby does not feel, will not know he existed, will not have to suffer. We’re talking about the serious wrong and injustice that is done to the inalienable right to life, the great human dignity, of every unborn child, regardless of whether or not their bodies are handicapped. This is often, I think, a new look at the picture for a lot of people. But until people really understand and hold to this principle, I think that we will continue to fight the battle against the cruel monster of eugenic abortion. Everyone needs to go back to the dignity that is every person’s because of their souls. God bless.

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