Bright Lights in a Dark Night

Whew! Last night (election night) wasn’t easy. And I’ve found myself saying a certain prayer many times recently: God have mercy on America! But despite the darkness, there’s lots of hope and lots of new energy for even more pro-life activism. John and Annie have some terrific recent posts on this; thank you both! I was really upset and really SAD last night. I find it hard to accept that America could so happily elect Barack Obama President. The most liberal candidate ever to run for this postition. It looks like many Americans have thrown out their values in order to put into effect their concerns about the economy. But what I wanted to talk about here was despite so much darkness surrrounding us with these elections, there are bright lights shining through! Bright lights of hope and renewed efforts for life. I have to say that right in the middle of the devastating news last night, I was freshly making up my mind to just work harder for the Culture of Life. I was thinking, “Okay, I’m now just going to do two things: pray harder, and work harder!” Perhaps God is using this incredible tragedy to renew our committment and dedication to the pro-life movemen. Let’s not waste it! While being really devastated about the election results, I’m excited to throw myself even more zealously into pro-life work. I just finished leading two 40 Days for Life Campaigns over here and in Portland, OR, and wow! I am totally elated with the power, beauty, and blessings of 40 Days for Life, and am a firm believer in this wonderful pro-life breakthrough! Incredible! So while making my committment to become even more dedicated to the pro-life cause, I want to also challenge you to do the same. If ever, this is the time! The need for you and your dedication is immeasurable, and you can know that you will make a difference, and no small one! Remember the words the great civil rights activist leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., where he talks about how a man is not measured by how he reacts to times of peace and prosperity, but how he reacts to challenge and difficulty. What will you do? God bless.

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