Animal Rights Before Human Rights?

This animal-rights-before-human-rights stuff is old hat for us, but I had to say something about a recent article that I came across about the State of Hawaii becoming enraged at the torturous death of a green sea turtle. Article here. Of course it’s good and proper for the states to take measures to see that their animals are respected and protected; we’re totally in support of this. But what we want to know is why the states aren’t also taking measures to protect the smallest and most innocent of their people from the evil of abortion. Take this: it is a federal crime to harm a green sea turtle in Hawaii, but the “right” to kill little babies is protected by law! Why did they get it inside out and backwards here? What brought on the great tragedy where it is common belief that people do not have near the worth of animals? Would that every state and every individual would become enraged at the torturous murder of little babies! God bless.

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