“An Unplanned Education”

Yesterday, I read the following article on the National Review web site. I thought it was good, and I discovered that our very own Aurora Beacon news actually printed the story too. Thanks, Beacon News! Perhaps keeping my subscription is worthwhile? Here’s a couple excepts: An Unplanned Education (by Kathryn Jean Lopez)

Planned Parenthood took me “Down There” and exposed it all. The self-evident wrongheadedness of their thinking, that is. A new campaign waged by the abortion provider is as crass as its name suggests. But it is more than that. It is an expose — in that most pithy and au courant of forms, web video — of why we get nowhere in America when we talk about sex education. …

And therein lies the problem with groups like Planned Parenthood — and with way too much of pop culture. For Planned Parenthood and the anything-goes ethos it represents, young people are always going to have sex. In their worldview, there’s no reason for living if you’re not going to mimic the rutting bachelorettes of Sex and the City. What could you possibly do to have a successful, happy life if it doesn’t involve going through a condom a day? The bottom line is that we need to be doing more than simply saying, dont have sex. Of course that wont work. Teens are not stupid; theyre human and know theres something appealing about it, and they shouldnt be told otherwise. But they should understand that theres more to want, and that they should hold out for more — for love, commitment, and fulfillment.

I applaud the author of this article. Well written and well thought out. We need to stop thinking of teens as mindless hormones and help them to become all that they can be! Here’s the link again: An Unplanned Education (by Kathryn Jean Lopez) God Bless, Roger

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