A Baffling Situation

Recently there was this news article about some teenage girls at Gloucester High School in Massachucetts who supposedly made a “pact” to get pregnant together! One article about this can be read here. I have not heard about anything like this before, and am surprised. I wondered what made them do this. It’s true that there have been quite a few actresses and singers who have been having babies; perhaps the girls wanted to have babies too! I was thinking that it is beneficial to the pro-life movement to have all these actresses being so happy about their babies. But I didn’t suspect that something like this “pregnancy pact” would happen! The real tragedy will be if the schools, in efforts to prevent something like this happening again, try to encourage contraception and abortion for their students. We’re going to have to undo all such nonsense all over again! It’s strange how in the news article, they’re talking about how the school may now provide contraceptives to its students. I’m thinking, just start teaching abstinence! Then watch all their problems disappear! Maybe the schools are under pressure from Planned Parenthood to encourage contraception and abortion. But yeah, this is difinitely a surprising and even interesting situation, and I am going to watch for more news about it. God bless.

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