Christmas: The Very Best Day Of The Year

This year’s Empty Manger Caroling visitation to four notorious Chicago abortion mills on December 20 was memorable not only because we added some beautiful new Christmas songs to our repertoire, or because a group of baritones added beautiful harmony to the singing, or even because every stop was precisely on time. But, it was memorable also because some members of Chicago’s International Socialists Party showed up to try to interrupt our caroling.

Socialist Chants Show Their Real Agenda

They instead made it possible for us to minister through our music and our prayers to those who believe evils such as abortion and so called gay relations are actually “goods” that must be a part of our society.

Screaming “Not the Church, not the State, Women must decide their fate,” says something sinister about their philosophy. “Fate” carries a frightening connotation, and is more pejorative than those who shouted it in our faces, realize. Webster defines fate as “a fixed sentence … death, destruction or ruin … doom … an irrational or impersonal character of events.”

Yes, women having abortions do indeed decide their fate: a lifetime of regret, remorse, despair, depression and thought of suicide. Eight times the number of women having abortions commit suicide than women who accept their baby.

Then the idiotic chant, “Pro-life, your name’s a lie. You don’t care if women die.” At one time the socialists were singing, “Pro-choice, your name’s a lie. You don’t care if women die.” That was a piece of truth they didn’t intend to proclaim.

And what about, “Racists, sexists, anti-gay; born-again bigots, go away”? Fact is the majority of women having abortions-who we are trying to save-are black and Hispanic. We love women and don’t want them to spend the rest of their lives in deep depression, and we invite all homosexuals to seek help to overcome their strange, unnatural attraction to the same sex.

In any event, we hope that next Christmas some of these socialists will have converted and join our Empty Manger Caroling at the Abortion Mills. Say a prayer.

Reflect On The Manger

As for Christmas, ‘the very best day of the year,’ as Tiny Tim would announce in the cold streets of London, we pray that it will be your best Chrisitmas ever, that we all will kneel before the manger and look at what love God has for us: to give us His own son for our salvation.

No one needs to direct your thoughts, but you and I have only to look at the babe, and his holy mother and strong foster father, at the believing shepherds and the scholarly wise men, and the angels, to realize how much God loves us, and calls us to join him in Heaven some day.

That’s really what it’s all about. It isn’t about anything else. Stay gazing at the manger until that truth becomes a part of you. And if it’s already a part of you, as we suspect it is of all our callers, then stay there and strengthen that truth. That’s my Christmas wish for you – and for everyone on earth this Christmas – even the abortionists we sang for Saturday, as well as the International Socialist Party members who tried to drown us out. No way, guys, no way.

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