Cardinal George’s Statement Counters Obamamania

Obamamania has hit not just the United States but it seems the whole world. All of Europe is rejoicing. African nations are celebrating. Most Eastern Religious sects are transfixed on the new U. S. President Elect. Heads of State are being urged to include more African-Americans in their cabinets.

Obamamania Is Everywhere

Through Chicago media we are learning Obama’s favorite foods, how he gets his hair cut and his music preferences. You can buy Obama look-alike suits, purchase a coin with Obama’s face on it, buy extra copies of the Election Night specials from the newspapers, and anticipate more specials coming up. Copies of daughter Malia’ dress worn election night have sold out, there are large banners with Obama’s face on them lining Chicago streets, and the first twenty or more pages of Time, Newsweek, U. S. News and World Report, The Tribune, the Sun Times – you name it – is all part of Obamamania. And I could go on and on but you get the drift.

Even the Pope has sent congratulations as have Catholic religious leaders across the country, including Francis Cardinal George of Chicago. Although we have not sent Obama congratulations and don’t plan to, we do recognize the historics involved in the election of the first black president and can understand some of the Obamamania especially from members of his race, even though he was brought up by his Caucasian mother and grandparents and barely knew his African father.

But despite all the pomp and even a kind of giddiness over his election, we do not envy Obama his job as we look at the mess the country and the world are in, and the daunting tasks he is facing.

Obama Will Face Battle With USCCB On Abortion

One battle he might not have been expecting comes from a statement by the U. S. Bishops. Cardinal George, for instance, told the U. S. Conference of Catholics this week that continued support for abortion will undermine any advances in social justice the Obama Administration is planning. While George welcomes the first black to the White House he said this country still violates universal human rights by keeping legal abortion. Quote: “The common good can never be adequately incarnated in any society when those waiting to be born can be legally killed at choice.”

He said that the bishops will lobby Obama on his policies that counter Catholic teachings on abortion, marriage and other clear moral and social issues. No, we don’t envy Obama his new job at all.

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