McDonald’s Boycott Succeeds In Ending Alliance With Gay Group

The American Family Association out of Tupelo MI claims a victory in their boycott of The Oak Brook, IL based McDonald’s Corporation.

Boycott of McDonald’s Succeeds

Former vice president of McDonald’s communications was asked to leave the board of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce some months ago and the Family Association launched a boycott of McDonald’s until their appeal was answered. Ellis has left this post and McDonald’s says there is no plan to replace him, nor will McDonald’s renew its own membership in the chamber when this membership expires at the end of the year, nor will they be a sponsor of the gay rights fundraising gala next year.

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association claimed the boycott has accomplished what it set out to do. The Tupelo based agency has had other successful boycotts, including on with Ford Motor Company, which reduced some funding, but clams not to have changed its principles.

Those who say boycotts don’t work probably haven’t been boycotted. Two years a boycott by the League against the American Girl Doll Company resulted in that company disassociating itself with Girls, Inc., a pro-abortion women’s organization.

Forty Days Saves Babies And Changes Hearts

Reports from across the country on the Forty Days for Life are proving that the national pro-life effort is paying off in high dividends, including dozens of “saves” of women entering abortion mills, conversions to pro-life activism and educating the public on the value of unborn human life.

Locally, Archdiocesan spokesman Margie Breen says at least nine babies lives have been saved at Albany abortion mill in Chicago, site of this fall’s Forty Days For Life event. Many women have left the clinic and some have simply not gone in after arriving at the site, but at least nine reports saves were confirmed.

Across the country the program is proving highly successful and the number of prayer sites have increased by more than one hundred since the last Forty Days for Life was held last spring.

Connecticut Supreme Court Legalizes Sodomy

In the bad news column, the Connecticut Supreme Court has followed the lead of Massachusetts and legalized so-called gay marriage. Not only is this court decision dead wrong and immoral, but it is a threat to the principles this country was founded on, and is a real threat to our future as a nation. Sodomy is condemned in both the Old and New Testaments, is a violation of the natural law, and is a blight on any society. But for a member of the judiciary to contradict the Natural Law, the Moral Law and the law of the nation is a travesty and a symptom of just how chronically sick this country has become.

George Washington said that for our form of government to work, it was essential that our people remain Godly. His belief was echoed by the great thinkers of his time who observed that if America was great it was because Americans were good, but that if ever Americans began to accept evil as good, America would cease to be a viable nation. It appears that we are headed down that road, and it behooves all of us to do everything we can to stop this rapid descent into the pit. 


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