Catholics Refuse To Hear Church’s Teaching On Abortion

I would like to ask for your prayers for two priests in the diocese of Peoria, Illinois. Being a priest is such a hard job to begin with. Then, instead of taking the easy path and only preaching homilies on “safe” topics, these two priests spoke about abortion.

Parishes Reject Pro-Life Message

These men pointed out to their congregations that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, despite their self-proclaimed expertise, do not in fact know what the Catholic Church teaches on abortion. They explained that the Church has always been unequivocally pro-life.

And their parishes rejected them. One priest told me that several people stood up and left during his homily; when he came into work the next day, he had an evil voicemail waiting for him. The other has had a lawsuit filed against him.

For shame! The most beautiful thing about the Catholic Church (and a major selling point when I decided to join) is that it is “catholic”-meaning “universal.” The one billion Catholics around the world have a Pope and a giant green catechism explaining what we believe and why we believe it. Unfortunately, many people have ignored her teachings too long. Now when good priests stand up for what is right, they are persecuted. Please hold these priests in your prayers.

We at the League are looking for other ways to show our support and we’ll let you know what we decide to do.

Assisted Suicide Advocate Chooses Death Over Jail

So often people assert that it is better to be dead than to live a tough life. This is their excuse for wanting abortion on demand. Heaven forbid we go through some hard times in our lives!

Well, Caren Jenning of Australia was found guilty of manslaughter for killing Graeme Wylie, a man suffering from dementia. After receiving the verdict, Jenning went home and used the same drug she had used on Wylie to kill herself.

On some level I’m proud of her for being consistent in her beliefs: she believed death was better than suffering, so she ended her life. How sad, though, to live your whole life not understand the true purpose of why we are here…

Fetuses Of Embryos?

On a happier note, small town papers make me laugh. This was spotted by a blogger, Jivin’ Jehoshaphat. Honestly I had to read it twice before I caught why it was so funny. The Muskegon Chronicle of Michigan wrote an editorial explaining why it endorses State Proposal 2 to fund embryonic stem cell research.

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