USCCB Sets Pelosi Straight on Abortion

In light of Barack Obama’s nomination of pro-abortion Catholic Joe Biden to be his running mate, we are glad to see that Biden’s bishop, His Excellency Bishop Michael Saltarelli, has made clear that even if Biden is elected vice president, he will not be allowed to speak at Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wilmington.

Biden’s Bishop Won’t Let Him Speak at Catholic Schools

LifeSiteNews reports:

In an interview with Bob Krebs, the Communications Director for the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, to which Senator Joseph Biden belongs, Krebs confirmed that Biden’s Bishop will not permit the Senator even if elected Vice President of the United States of America to speak at Catholic schools…

The Associated Press reports that Biden received Communion last Sunday at his local parish of St. Joseph on the Brandywine near his home in Greenville, Delaware. Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput commented to AP that Biden should not present himself for Communion given his public support for abortion.

Biden “has admirable qualities to his public service,” Chaput said in his statement. “But his record of support for so-called abortion ‘rights,’ while mixed at times, is seriously wrong. I certainly presume his good will and integrity – and I presume that his integrity will lead him to refrain from presenting himself for Communion, if he supports a false ‘right’ to abortion.”

Bishops Respond to Pelosi’s Misrespresentation of Church Teaching Against Abortion

Speaking of bishops and pro-abortion politicians, the USCCB issued a statement Tuesday in response to Nancy Pelosi’s deeply flawed representation of historical church teaching against abortion:

In the course of a ‘Meet the Press’ interview on abortion and other public issues on August 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi misrepresented the history and nature of the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church against abortion.

In fact, the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law.” (No. 2271)

In the Middle Ages, uninformed and inadequate theories about embryology led some theologians to speculate that specifically human life capable of receiving an immortal soul may not exist until a few weeks into pregnancy. While in canon law these theories led to a distinction in penalties between very early and later abortions, the Church’s moral teaching never justified or permitted abortion at any stage of development.

These mistaken biological theories became obsolete over 150 years ago when scientists discovered that a new human individual comes into being from the union of sperm and egg at fertilization. In keeping with this modern understanding, the Church teaches that from the time of conception (fertilization), each member of the human species must be given the full respect due to a human person, beginning with respect for the fundamental right to life.

Pro-Life Activists in Denver Aim for World’s Largest Protest Sign

Our good friend Jill Stanek is one of countless pro-lifers in Denver this week, covering the Democratic National Convention. On her blog Tuesday, she reported on an attempt-in-progress by pro-lifers to display the world’s largest ever protest sign:

With a Fox News helicopter overhead and police at bay below, pro-lifers are more than halfway toward their official Guinness Book of World Records attempt to display the largest ever protest sign.

The display is on a grassy knoll on public property on a Denver mountain overlooking the Democrat National Convention.

Sponsored by American Right to Life Action, the message initially appeared with 3 enormous 160-foot tall, bright yellow letters, D-N-C, stacked on top of each other.

After those letters is coming the actual full message of the sign with letters completing the text:




Guinness assigned ARTL official world record attempt number 228,132. The protest sign weighs more than 2,700 pounds and was sewed together with more than 4 miles of seams connecting 2,400 twin sheets.

It was backpacked onto location early this morning that is inaccessible by car. It is in the process of being unfurled by 44 letter carriers with spotters a mile away to ensure proper letter placement. It will ultimately stretch 530 feet tall and 666 feet wide.

The sign will be legible from at least 5 miles. A scientist who works with satellite imagery helped determine the size of the sign and size of letters and location. To give you an idea how big those letters are, one letter takes up the space of a junior high school gym.

Conference on Men and Abortion September 8-9 in Oak Brook

“Reclaiming Fatherhood: A Multifaceted Examination of Men Dealing with Abortion”—only the second ever international conference of its kind—will be held in Oak Brook, IL on September 8-9. I will be attending this conference, and I encourage all pro-lifers to do likewise.

Among other topics, “Reclaiming Fatherhood” will examine the impact a male can have on a woman’s abortion decision, the current research findings on how abortion psychologically affects men, and men’s spiritual growth as it pertains to the process of healing. Some current models for outreach to post-abortive fathers will also be presented.

For registration and other information on the conference, please call the National Office for Post-Abortion Reconciliation & Healing at 1-800-593-2273 or visit the “Reclaiming Fatherhood” website.

Illinois Right to Life Kiddieland Night September 5

One final note: Be sure to join us at Illinois Right to Life’s annual Kiddieland Night September 5 from 5:00-10:00pm.

To order tickets, call Illinois Right to Life at 312-422-9300 or visit their website.

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