Pro-Life Activists Arrested in Beijing

If you are calling Action News before 6 PM on Saturday, rush over to The Ark Café and Treasures at 1209 Noble Street join a Wisconsin Crisis Pregnancy group, AA Alexandrina from Green Bay, WI in promoting a home they are purchasing to house unwed mothers. It will be known as Mom’s Shelter—the MOM standing for ‘Mothers of Mary.’ They have been raising money in Wisconsin for this badly needed facility there, but have decided to ask the good pro-lifers from Chicago to help them. Cocktails at 6. I will be giving a short talk at 7 o’clock. Drop by and take part in this important cause. No admission charge.

Pro-Life Activists Arrested in Beijing

Three American pro-life activists were arrested in Beijing, China, for a second time Thursday, for praying that China’s forced abortion and one-child family planning policy will end. They were also protesting religious persecution in China and other human rights abuses there. Since this last arrest, pro-lifers Stateside have lost contact with the three. They had been using cell phones to stay in touch with friends in the States, but apparently after their last arrest their cell phones were confiscated.

The three, Rev. Pat Mahoney of Christian Defense Coalition, and Brandi Swindell and Mike McMonagle of Generation Life, had been arrested also on Wednesday in Tiananmen Square, but were released. On Thursday they were arrested at the tomb of Mao Tse Tung. As of this report, they were still scheduled to leave Beijing on Friday afternoon. In the second arrest a film shows the protesters being dragged by plain clothed police officers, while other police are trying to shield the arrest by using open umbrellas. The group had been shouting, ‘End the brutality’ and ‘We are your voice.’ Say a prayer for these three stalwarts.

Democrats for Life Continues Its Fight

Kristen Day of Democrats for Life will try again, according to the New Republic, to get the pro-abortion plank out of the National Platform, or at least to get it to be less militantly pro-abortion. But the direction has been just the opposite. In both 2000 and 2004 the Democratic Party strengthened the abortion plank in its platform by removing any reference to making abortion rare or ‘more rare.’

But the Democrats for Life group continues to hope its efforts may in time persuade the party to limit insurance coverage of abortion while assisting pregnant women more, and to give its support to more pro-life Democratic candidates for public office.

40 Days for Life in Chicago

The 40 Days for Life campaign is coming to Chicago this fall. The site for the will be the Albany Medical-Surgical Center near Elston and Cicero. More information will be coming soon.

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