ALL Sponsors Protest the Pill Day June 7

As of this recording the votes are not all counted and superdelegates are still deciding and the battle still rages between Democratic candidates, but that could change any minute but we have to admit that it has not been the dullest campaign we’ve witnessed and shows no signs of getting dull. We just hope that when the dust settles the greatest crisis in this country, the routine killing of nearly 4,000 unborn children a day through abortion, will be closer to a final resolution in favor of life. That is and has always been our most fervent prayer. Abortion offends Our Creator, and a nation cannot survive the routine killing of its posterity.

ALL Sponsors Protest the Pill Day June 7

This Saturday, June 7, is Protest the Pill day. The message is going out across America on blogs and in the media that the Birth Control Pill kills. Naturally the pro-aborts who love the pill are trying to put up barricades to stifle the truth.

The American Life League is sponsoring the anti-Pill protest and is attempting to alert women to the fact that though it is touted as a birth control pill, all of these pills are in fact abortifacients. The National Organization for Women and other pro-abort groups are denying this fact, even though the package inserts that come with the pills admit this action of the pill.

A Press conference at the National Press Club will be held June 6 in Washington with representatives from Pharmacists for Life, The Tepeyac Family Center, Pro-life Wisconsin and American Life League. Watch the Saturday night news.

Glenview Pro-Abort Upset about Pro-Life Float in July 4th Parade

From Time Immemorial—or at least for the last thirty-five years—Larry and Marge Theriault of Glenview have been entering an Illinois Right to Life float in the Fourth of July Parade. It is always a colorful float with lots of good looking young people on it, representing the joy and beauty of life.

Once yours truly rode the float past cheering thousands lining the streets of Glenview. But now a lady named Monica Israel won’t donate another cent to support the parade anymore because she is deeply offended by the pro life float and is asking the Park Board President, Ted Pryzbylo not to allow the float in the parade this year. Although no pictures are shown and the word “abortion” is not even used, Monica somehow thinks the float is objectionable, and she objects to having children “be used as pawns in their parents’ political views.”

If this float is political, what does she think about all the politicians who drive in the parade?

Israel says she agrees with the freedom of speech that having this float in the parade represents, and understands that not allowing this float might challenge that right, and she does not even suggest that someone put a pro-choice float in the parade to counter the pro-life one, as that would not go over too well in Glenview, which she calls a “conservative community.” We’ve not noticed that during our Truth Tours in that fair suburb.

To protest the pro-life float, Israel usually shows up with a sign she carries up and down along the float and shouts at the people on board. We suggest Monica dust off her sign and plan to stand on the sidelines and shout, because Larry tells me his float has already been registered for the upcoming July Parade. At least Monica hasn’t done what a South Dakota State University Professor did in 2006 to protest the pro-life float there. He blocked the float’s progress with his pickup truck.

Graphic Pictures Save a Baby at Tiller’s Mill

A baby was saved from abortion at George Tiller’s mill in Wichita, KS due to a picture of an aborted baby on a Truth Truck parked near the clinic and a small cemetery of crosses on the lawn. Seeing both graphics the young mother decided to have her baby, Valentina, who was born on Valentine’s Day.

Those who are upset by seeing the pictures should try to recognize how powerful these pictures are in saving the lives of unborn children and the souls of their mothers. Toughen up! The pictures are our most powerful weapon next to prayer.

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