Planned Parenthood Is at It Again

Our hat is off to Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, who has made it clear to Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius that she is not to present herself for Holy Communion until she seeks to “repair the public scandal of her long-standing support for legalized abortion”.

Archbishop Naumann Doesn’t Mince Words to Pro-Abort Gov. Sebelius

In response to the question, “Why would a bishop ask someone to refrain from presenting himself for reception of holy Communion?” Archbishop Naumann responds:

Normally, it is the responsibility of the individual Catholic to make the judgment of whether he or she is able to receive holy Communion. It is also the responsibility of the individual Catholic to have a well-formed conscience that is informed by the teachings of the church. However, if an individual persistently acts publicly in a manner that is inconsistent with fundamental moral teachings of the church and continues to receive holy Communion, a bishop may feel obliged to intervene for the good of the individual and to protect others from being misled. “Happy Are Those Called to His Supper” [a document issued previously by the USCCB] addresses this issue: “If a Catholic in his or her personal or professional life were knowingly and obstinately to reject the defined doctrines of the Church, or knowingly and obstinately to repudiate her definitive teachings on moral issues, however, he or she would seriously diminish his or her communion with the Church. Reception of Holy Communion, in such a situation, would not accord with the nature of the Eucharistic celebration, so that he or she should refrain.”

In response to the question, “Is a priest or another minister of Communion ever required to deny someone Communion?” Archbishop Naumann makes clear:

Canon 915 of the church’s law states: “Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.” In my request to Gov. Sebelius, I have made clear that it is her responsibility not to present herself for reception of holy Communion.

Planned Parenthood Is At It Again

LifeNews reports on Planned Parenthood’s latest effort to build an under-the-radar abortion clinic, this time in Cincinnati:

In this case, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based Planned Parenthood has filed papers for a new abortion center using the name Auburn Avenue Parking.

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Ohio in Cincinnati has purchased property near Western Hills High School for an additional office…

However, it purchased the land under the deceptive name.

Jim Sedlak of STOPP International [commented]:

“Just as it did in Aurora, Illinois (Gemini Office Development) and Denver, Colorado (Fuller38), Planned Parenthood bought the property under a name that would not be associated with its evil empire…

“But vigilant pro-life forces discovered the subterfuge and are gearing up for an all-out fight against this new Planned Parenthood facility.”

He said pro-life advocates plan to hold a public meeting this weekend to notify residents of the community about the tactics…

Paula Westwood of Right to Life of Cincinnati says the abortion business appears to be targeting young women and minorities.

“Significantly, students are bussed to Western Hills High School from other areas of the city, and the student population is predominantly African American. Within a few miles are also several large Catholic High Schools.”

Be a Part of Mercy Festival 2008

St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Chicago will host a once in a lifetime event on Saturday, May 31. At 5:00pm, the Iconic Monstrance of Our Lady of The Sign, The Ark of Mercy will be unveiled to a worldwide audience on EWTN. Directly following this historic event, the Mercy Festival will begin after the 5 pm Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, consisting of a week of 24 hour adoration in the main Church beginning on May 31st and ending on June 8th.

Our Lady is asking Her Son’s disciples to come and adore Him in Eucharistic Adoration, and the Sanctuary of The Divine Mercy needs 300 people to fill all the available slots for the 2008 Mercy Festival.

To register for an open adoration slot during the Festival of Mercy, see here or call the parish at (773) 278-2470.

St. Stanislaus Kostka is located at 1300 N. Noble Street (at the corner of Evergreen and Noble) in Chicago.

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