The Need for Graphic Abortion Pictures

Recent Pro-Life Action League Truth Tours and some long and intense discussions with other pro-life activists reaffirm and make more evident to me that pro-lifers must adopt the use of graphic pictures as a major, perhaps the major weapon we must use to bring an end to abortion in America.

The Need for Graphic Abortion Pictures

During our recent tour in South Dakota it became clear that many citizens have no idea how terrible the plague of abortion is in our country. The fact that one young woman registered such shock and disbelief when seeing the photograph of Baby Malachi, that she decided on the spot to seek help and vow to cancel an abortion, spoke volumes to us about the effect of these pictures.

Even the fact that loud, profane young men—and women—drive by shouting obscenities and giving the bird, while decent people give us a thumbs up and thanked us for being there, tells a story that good people want the pictures shown and the pro-aborts hate them.

We had visited three sites in Rapid City Thursday, and that evening at the Gas Light our waitress said that she saw our tour and was delighted that we had come to South Dakota. She probably recognized our red Pro-Life caps. She got a nice tip.

Graphic Pictures Save Lives

Pastor Ed Martin of Jacksonville, FL goes out the abortion mill every day, and has been told by former abortionists that the graphic photographs of aborted babies are the most powerful tool we use in dissuading women from having abortions. One abortion clinic worker told Ed that as many as half of their scheduled appointments decide against their abortion once they have viewed the pictures.

Many just cancel their appointments on the spot and drive on by. Others go in, but decide not to go through with the abortion. This supports former abortion clinic guard Mark Bomchill, who says a dozen women might just wait it out in the clinic and be let out the back door, still bearing their child. Most agree that it is best to have someone other than the counselor holding a large graphic sign, but someone nearby should hold it.

The counselor should have a “Life or Death” pamphlet, or a packet of graphic pictures handy to show the couple. A picture of what the abortionist is about to do to their child has to be burned into their brain and fixed in their memory.

The pictures are so effective that it’s hard for those who use them routinely to understand the wide rejection of graphics by many sincere anti-abortionists.

Why denounce and discourage use of the most effective weapon at our disposal to save a baby’s life and a mother’s sanity? Why discourage use of the pictures? Fear of being called extreme? A fanatic? Single Issue? Unfeeling?

If you know the answer, let me know. Besides, pro-lifers who refuse to use the pictures or try to stop others from using them have to consider if they’re ready to accept responsibility for denying a woman a likely conversion and escape from a lifetime of regret. That sounds selfish to us.

The Age of Chimeras Is upon Us

Now it begins: the age of chimeras is upon us. British lawmakers voted Monday to approve the use of animal-human embryos for research. The process involves injecting an empty cow egg with human DNA.

Here we go.

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