Scheidler Enters Canada without Incident

Having spent last weekend in Edmonton, Alberta, I am happy to report that on this trip I had no trouble getting into Canada.

Scheidler Enters Canada Without Incident

Way back in 1996, some members of the National Organization for Women managed to dig up an old case from Wilmington, Delaware charging me with trespassing at a local killing center. I had entered the death chamber to try to talk the Catholic director out of running an abortion mill.

Three other pro-lifers were with me for the Wilmington meeting, but I was the only one arrested, even though I was the first to leave the building. I was found guilty of trespass, paid a $50 fine, and the case was history. I thought.

But ten years later NOW used the case to stop me at the Canadian border. Every time I’ve flown into Canada since then, I have been stopped and forced either to purchase a temporary visa or to argue my way into the country. I’ve always had to put up a fight to get in, but this trip the lady at Immigration turned out to be pro-life, and she was happy to learn that I had come to Edmonton to help save Canadian babies from abortion. I got through with no hassle.

Canadian Pro-Lifers: Determined and Well-Organized

In my first talk on activism at the Provincial Pro-Life Conference I strongly urged Canadian pro-lifers to adopt the League’s successful Face the Truth series of tours with the large signs depicting fetal development and the aborted babies. While making this the center of my call for action, I promoted the program at my talk following the March for Life Sunday afternoon on the steps of the Legislature and again at the Sunday night banquet.

I also spoke following the 9:00 and 11:00 Masses at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, at which I encouraged people to join the March for Life. Before leaving Edmonton I visited “The Back Door”, a pro-life center across the street from Edmonton’s only remaining abortion mill. Canada, it appears, has a tougher job ousting abortion in their country than we have in the States, due in part to their peculiar form of Parliamentary Government.

All I know is, I would rather be fighting the battle down here than in Canada, although the pro-life leadership there is determined and well-organized and has some of the most dedicated zealots I have ever met.

Canadian Pro-Aborts Won’t Suffer Factual Pro-Life Ads

About 100,000 abortions take place in Canada each year, and, as in the States, they are legal up to and including the day of the baby’s birth—for any reason or no reason. A simple pro-life ad showing a pregnant woman and the caption: “9 months. The length of time an abortion is allowed in Canada. No medical reason needed. Abortion: Have we gone too far?” is being printed in hundreds of newspapers, on websites and on postcards, and tens of thousands of Canadians are being made aware of the carnage that has been gong on in every province of Canada—with the exception of Prince Edward Island—even longer than it has been legal in the United States.

Factual, sensitive and simple as the ad is, it is being forcibly removed from transits upon only a few complaints from pro-aborts, and in many cities it is not allowed to be shown on transits at all. Some pro-aborts claim that the ad is misleading and deceptive, and say many women need abortions, and that abortions aren’t legal that late, while they know full well that abortion is never medically necessary, and that in Canada, just as in the United States, abortions are legal up to the day of birth.

But unpopular as the poster is to the baby killers, one showed up on the wall next to the events room at a pro-abortion celebration being held on Parliament Hill in the National Capitol in Ottawa. You can’t stop those Canadian pro-lifers.

Remember Your Mother

Thank your Mother this Sunday for giving birth to you.

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