Mrs. Clinton, St. Patrick Was Pro-Life

Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton was in Pittsburgh Saturday taking part in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Pittsburgh’s parade is the second largest in the country, second only to New York City’s. Militantly pro-abortion, Clinton was there to strengthen her Catholic support base, said to be considerable.

But despite all the “Clinton for President” signs, she did not impress one family who decided that as long as Hillary was using their parade that honors a saint, they would remind her that saints don’t approve of killing innocent children.

“Mrs. Clinton, St. Patrick Was Pro-Life”

So Meg Jalsevac of LifeSiteNews made a sign that said: “Mrs. Clinton, St. Patrick was Pro-Life.”

Although Hillary was accompanied by Pittsburgh’s Catholic mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and other notables, when she was only twenty feet away from the Jalsevac group, Meg moved up to the very edge of the crowd, held her sign up high as people moved aside to let Mrs. Clinton get a good look at the sign.

According to Meg, “She looked right at my sign. I saw her read it. Then she looked at me, and promptly turned her head.”

The distinguished guests with Clinton also saw Meg’s sign and seemed to be commenting to each other about it. Meg said she believes the point was made.

Later Meg’s two-year old daughter took the sign and held it for the rest of the afternoon, gaining a lot of attention from onlookers.

We’re delighted that the Jalsevacs were there to greet Hillary with the kind of sign she needs to see at every stop along her way. When Hillary was in Chicago last spring, fifty pro-lifers greeted her as she descended on the downtown Hilton for a Catholic graduation ceremony, and a goodly number of protesters were in Springfield for Sen. Barack Obama’s announcement of his presidential candidacy in February of last year.

Now pro-life activists are waiting for the Democrats to make their selection. Word is out that every public appearance of the Democratic candidate will be an occasion for pro-life activists to show the truth about abortion.

Memo to Spitzer: Plead for Christ’s Mercy

Speaking of pro-abortion Democrats, the sudden retirement of New York’s Democrat Governor Eliot Spitzer was an answer to many pro-lifers’ prayers.

It seems the now ex-governor was in the middle of attempting to force Catholic and other Christian hospitals in New York State to either do abortions themselves or at least refer women to other hospitals for abortions, and dispense abortion pills like RU-486 against their moral beliefs and practices.

Spitzer was trying to have a savage pro-abortion law passed that was so broad that even if abortions were outlawed by the Federal Government, they would still remain legal in New York. He had just scheduled a big meeting with a number of pro-abortion groups to help him get his new bill passed.

Spitzer was also a strong supporter of same-sex marriage. In short, Spitzer was a thorn in the side of believing Christians. Then the announcement that brought about his untimely resignation, that was so perfectly timed after all.

Now there is only one thing left for Eliot Spitzer to do, if he has any sense, and that is to throw himself on the Mercy of Christ, who forgave the woman taken in adultery.

That is something we can all pledge to pray for this Easter. If Spitzer could really seek out Christ’s forgiveness and dedicate his life to exercising the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, good could come out of this scandal.

It wouldn’t be the first time a major moral disaster has led to a spectacular conversion. If you don’t think so, pay attention to the liturgy of the next few days. Holy Week is crowded with betrayals, fear, and all manner of human weakness, but also with great mercy and forgiveness and rebirth.

We wish all of our callers, readers, and supporters a most-grace-filled Triduum and happy Easter.

First 2008 Face the Truth Day March 25

Then, on Easter Tuesday, March 25—the traditional feast of the Annunciation, which is also the International Day of the Unborn Child—join us for our first 2008 Face the Truth Day, where we will be showing the ugly reality of abortion at two of our favorite locations in downtown Chicago:

  • 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


    Clark and Washington Streets [MAP]

  • 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.


    Monroe Street and Michigan Avenue [MAP]

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