LA Times Reports Abortion Atrocities

Credit should be given where credit is due, and credit is due to the Los Angeles Times for its article on Friday chronicling some astonishing horrors having taken place in a chain of abortion clinics in Southern California managed by one Bertha Bugarin.

The Ugly Truth about Abortion

Noting that Bugarin “been charged with practicing medicine without a license on five patients in February and March 2007”, the article goes on to to document some barbaric practices at these abortion facilities:

[Dr. Nicholas] Braemer, the Torrance doctor who appears on some public records as owner of the clinics, admitted to the [Medical Board of California] in 1994 that he performed an abortion in 1987 that removed only one arm of the fetus. The patient expelled the rest of the fetus the next day…. The woman eventually spent a month in a Torrance hospital having her bowel repaired and multiple abscesses drained, the board said….

In 1999, the board accused Braemer of leaving a fetus’ cranium and placenta inside a patient during a 1996 abortion at the Panorama City clinic….

Torrance-based Mohamed Dia, who surrendered his license in 1999. He admitted to the medical board that he used a van to bring a bleeding patient to a hospital after perforating her uterus and leaving part of the fetus in her body during a 1996 abortion at Clinica Medica….

Those of us who are seasoned pro-lifers, while certainly horrified to hear of such atrocities, are no doubt not surprised, as we are well aware of how the abortion industry operates. However, the fact that these horrific acts are being reported in a mainstream paper like the Los Angeles Times is not at all insignificant.

Pro-lifer Christina Dunigan—whose blog, Real Choice, I can’t recommend highly enough—provides further commentary on the LA Times article.

Breast Milk Contains Stem Cells

A fascinating article out of Australia on Monday reveals that Dr. Mark Cregan, the molecular biologist credited with discovering that breast milk contains stem cells, predicts that within five years, such cells will be harvested to research treatment for Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and spinal injuries, among others.

Yet another reason why breast milk is incomparably superior to formula, and why the push to pursue embryonic stem cell research exclusively is a racket.

“There Were No Sidewalk Counselors …”

The League received a heartwrenching e-mail the other day from a woman who had an abortion three months ago:

At the abortion clinic that I went to 3 months ago, there were no sidewalk counselors, though I wish there had been, as I regret my abortion. I went to [a] Planned Parenthood [in a] very large city. I went on a Saturday, supposedly the busiest day of the week, and now looking back, I realized that there had been no sidewalk counselors. Why might that have been? Please let me know. God bless you. We have this heartbreaking question from untold numbers of women: Why wasn’t anyone there when I had my abortion?

All we can say is that not enough people have answered the call of the Holy Spirit to sidewalk counsel and pray outside abortion facilities. It’s for this reason that the Pro-Life Action League has made recruiting and training sidewalk counselors nationwide a high priority in 2008.

We are also in the process of compiling a national database for sidewalk counselors so that we can most easily provide contact information to pro-lifers who want to get involved with sidewalk counseling and praying outside abortion clinics in their local area, wherever that may be.

If you are currently involved with one of these critical lifesaving activities, please send your information to League Executive Director Ann Scheidler by filling out our contact form or call her at 773-777-2900.

One Million Rosaries for Unborn Babies

We received an announcement recently from the Saint Michael the Archangel Organization in Memphis, Tennessee, which is sponsoring the One Million Rosaries for Unborn Babies prayer event on Saturday, May 3.

This prayer event which is designed to have at least one million people throughout the United States pray the Rosary within one particular hour for an end to the killing of unborn babies.

The Saint Michael the Archangel Organization’s website has more information. Please consider participating in this worthwhile prayer campaign.

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