Pro-Life Activist Hospitalized After Assault

We hope all our callers and readers had the best Christmas ever and have survived the beginning of 2008 without any disasters. Our Christmas was blessed with many visits with family and loved ones and calls from people we haven’t heard from in years. Also, the unique combination of looking at an image of the infant Christ Child in the manger and watching a program on the Universe just as the season began, had a profound effect on keeping the mystery of St. John’s Gospel alive throughout the holy season. We thank the Holy Spirit for this favor. You know how it goes: “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and without Him was made nothing that was made.”

Pro-Life Activist Hospitalized After Assault

Just a couple of pro-life Christmas stories for today’s Hotline: On Saturday, Dec. 22, Pennsylvania pro-life activist Ed Snell was at the Hillcrest Abortion Mill in Harrisburg. Ed and his group are so successful talking women out of killing their babies that Hillcrest built a seven-foot privacy fence to cut off their communication.

So the group customarily bring ladders in order to talk to the women inside the compound, while Ed prefers to stand on a platform he built on the top of his car. Saturday, Ed was on his platform when the male half of an abortion bound couple jumped up on the platform with Ed and threw him to the ground.

Ed fell on his head and back and was knocked unconscious. A medical report later shows multiple trauma, bleeding in the brain, fractures of four vertebrae, fracture of the right scapula and two broken ribs.

When pro-lifer John McTernan called to complain about this treatment the Hillcrest receptionist shouted, “He got what he deserved!” And when John, who was counseling with Ed and thus an eyewitness to the attack, called 911 to report the attack, the man who had pushed Ed reacted and shouted so violently that John became fearful for his own safety.

Ed was taken by ambulance to the Emergency Room when three police officers arrived to confront the assailant, now hiding inside the abortion mill. But after being inside the clinic for just a few minutes, the police allowed the assailant and his female companion to go free and drive away.

When John questioned the police they told him it was none of his business and a female officer threatened John with arrest if he continued to complain. Later, when the extent of Ed’s injuries were known, and through much effort, the assailant’s identity was discovered, and he was charged with assault and will appear in court January 10.

Ed was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas with his family. Doctors say it will take at least eight weeks for him to recover.

Michael Whitcraft of the Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) Forum, who reported the story to us, assured us that Ed is upbeat and eager to get back to the mill. And Ed’s wife says Ed must be doing the right thing if it makes the Devil so angry he has to toss him around like that.

Say a prayer for all those activists out there like Ed being tossed all over the place.

If you want to ask the Harrisburg police department what’s wrong with their finest, give the office a call at 717-255-3131.

Woman Kicked Off Bus for Reading Bible to Her Children

Then down in Fort Worth, TX, Christine Lutz was reading her Bible to her kids on a bus when the driver told her to quit reading or get off the bus. She wouldn’t quit reading the Holy Book, so the bus driver threw Christine and her children off.

You can believe that if she had been reading something profane or Satanic, she would still be sitting there reading it — but something holy — not in Fort Worth!

Call the Fort Worth Transit Authority to complain at 817-215-8600.

Masses for Life

Meanwhile, amid the persecution of those who are fighting the Culture of Death, there are still many prayers of thanksgiving being offered for our many victories. One of these prayers is a special Mass for Life at St. Lambert’s Parish in Skokie this Saturday, January 5, with Cardinal Francis George, starting at 5:00PM. See you there.

Another Pro-Life Mass is at St. Raymond’s Catholic Church in Joliet at 2:00PM on Sunday, January 13. That’s at 604 North Raynor Street in Joliet.

We hope to attend this one, too, and others to be announced soon.

Stay tuned.

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